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Shelby Farms for our run 3/14/09

Mar. 14th 2009

Hey Guys!

Looks like the rain will be heading east and we’ll be able to do our long run today at Shelby Farms. See you in front of the Visitor’s Center at 0800!


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March Madness Boot Camp Basketball Bracket!

Mar. 18th 2008

Instructions for March Madness Boot Camp Basketball Bracket! — Read Carefully!

1. Fill out TWO identical brackets in PEN, all the way to your National Champion. Write your name in PEN on each copy. PLUS, guess a total combined score for the final game, to be used as a tie breaker. (Example: Gonzaga 50, Austin Peay 52 = 102) Write that number next to your name. The person closest to the final combined score of 102 would be the winner in the event of a tie.

2. Paperclip $20 to one copy of your bracket, filled out in PEN, and give both to me. I’ll turn over all brackets to Steve Jackson, the Official Tournament Director, and will keep up with the point totals. I’ll hold on to the money and the Tournament Director’s bracket.

3. The winner of the “winner takes all” pot is the person with the most points, determined by the following point system:
1 point for each of your picks making it to the second round,
2 points for each of your teams making it to the Sweet Sixteen,
4 points for each of your teams advancing to the Elite Eight,
8 points for each of your teams making it to the Final Four,
12 points for each of your teams advancing to The Final,
16 points for choosing the National Champion.

4. Lose your mind, it’s MARCH MADNESS BAAAABY!

You can print out your brackets from CBS Sports website:

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Jan. 16th 2008

When my older brother, a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps at the time, attended my graduation from Parris Island he shook my hand and said, “Now we’re brothers twice!”

If you’re a Marine, no longer on active duty (once a Marine, always a Marine!), then I’m your brother and I’ve got a business opportunity for you.

This is a no BS, real proposition, for the right former Marines.

On the home page of this website you’ll find a “DI School” link to click on. Go there and click on it. It’ll take you to a description of a couple of business opportunities I’d like to share with you.

You will want to do this. I promise you.

USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP is a program like no other. Successful and rewarding and something that you definitely want to consider being a part of. We’re expanding and I’m looking for local instructors here in the Memphis area, as well as business partners in other parts of the country — former Marines who want to start their own battalion of USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP!

Take a look at the info and then let me hear from you. Let’s talk about the possibilities of your future success doing something I bet you’re already doing!

Semper Fi,


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