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Jan. 16th 2008

When my older brother, a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps at the time, attended my graduation from Parris Island he shook my hand and said, “Now we’re brothers twice!”

If you’re a Marine, no longer on active duty (once a Marine, always a Marine!), then I’m your brother and I’ve got a business opportunity for you.

This is a no BS, real proposition, for the right former Marines.

On the home page of this website you’ll find a “DI School” link to click on. Go there and click on it. It’ll take you to a description of a couple of business opportunities I’d like to share with you.

You will want to do this. I promise you.

USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP is a program like no other. Successful and rewarding and something that you definitely want to consider being a part of. We’re expanding and I’m looking for local instructors here in the Memphis area, as well as business partners in other parts of the country — former Marines who want to start their own battalion of USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP!

Take a look at the info and then let me hear from you. Let’s talk about the possibilities of your future success doing something I bet you’re already doing!

Semper Fi,



Jun. 1st 2007

Check here to check your renewal date!

Theresa Andreuccetti, FIRST SERGEANT (7 YEARS): (First Enlistment: September 1999) (Enlistment status: One Year Tour of Duty, renewal date: January 1, 2008)

Ron Ayotte, GUNNERY SERGEANT (5 YEARS): (First Enlistment: October 2001) (Enlistment status: Three Month Enlistment, renewal date: July 1, 2007)

Hank Hill, GUNNERY SERGEANT (5 YEARS): (First Enlistment: January 14, 2002) (Enlistment status: SIX Month Enlistment, renewal date: July 1, 2007)

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$2650 STOLEN! READ IMMEDIATELY! — Weekly Newsletter

Feb. 28th 2007

When money came up missing, I launched a full scale investigation.

After careful inspection and analysis, it was determined that $2650.00 was stolen from ME!!!

That’s right!


Thing is … I know who did it.

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