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Jul. 28th 2008

The second session of Sergeant Tony’s $5,000 Combat the Fat Weight Loss Challenge will begin on September 6, 2008?

Do you want to be a winner AND a loser??

Contact me and request an application! Not sure if you should apply? Read this testimonial from someone in the current challenge!

“Every season of ‘the show’ has one. An emotional basket case/crybaby full of excuses and unfortunately that was me at the beginning of the CTF challenge. It’s not something that I am proud of, but I’ve definitely grown emotionally as a result from this experience (and lost a little weight too)! I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, but the foundation has been built for a healthier and more active lifestyle with the help of Tony and Wendy Ludlow.

I will forever be grateful to them for offering this challenge because it has had such an enormous impact on my life. I think the most brilliant part of the contest was the requirement that you raise a portion of the funds from at least 5 people because it forced me to make a public commitment to lose weight. Writing my support letter was one of the most difficult things I’d ever done in my life, but once I distributed it I felt a huge sense of relief and knew that my life was never going to be the same. Who did I think I was fooling anyway? Anyone who saw me could clearly see that I struggled with my weight so I was not telling them anything they didn’t already know. Accountability has been the key for me. Other people invested in me and this is one time they want to see their asset shrink!

I’d be lying if I told you the workouts were easy, but Tony makes exercising as fun as he possibly can with his corny jokes and the group setting is awesome! I would never push myself that hard working out on my own and as a bonus you are surrounded by other people with common interests and a built in support group! Just do what Tony says and you will be successful with your weight loss. The man knows what he’s doing and he will be your biggest cheerleader! So get with it! Fill out that application and take the first step towards a happier and healthier you!”

This could be you! If you’re a man who is 65 pounds or more over your ideal weight, or a woman 50 pounds or more over, you just might qualify!

What have you got to lose … except the weight and the excuses!!!


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Feb. 11th 2008

As Peyton Manning asks in one of those MasterCard Priceless Pep talk commercials, “Bummed about that gut?”

Everyone has a trouble spot or trouble spots. Some people have a beer belly. Some have saddle bags, flabby arms, back fat, thigh fat, or love handles. Too many “jiggly” things.

A lot of people want to do extra crunches thinking the crunches will flatten their stomachs and give ’em a six pack.

I get a lot of these kinds of requests:
“Tony, can we do more triceps work today?”
“Sgt. Tony, what exercise can I do to get rid of THIS?” they ask as they grab one of those trouble spots.

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Nov. 25th 2007

Sgt. Tony’s Tips for Running the St. Jude Half Marathon


• Don’t do, eat, drink, or wear anything on race day that you haven’t done in training. You don’t want any surprises on race day.

• Don’t eat or drink anything during the race that you haven’t tried out in training.

• I park at the Peabody Place parking garage. It’s convenient to both the start and the finish lines.

• I always arrive early and take a duffle bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, shower shoes, and towel to Auto Zone Park, where you can check it with volunteers. Since the race ends at Auto Zone Park you can use the player’s locker rooms and showers. No coed showering allowed!

• Lay out all of your clothes and gear the night before.

• Double knot your shoe laces.

• Use “Body Glide” or some similar product to “lube” the parts of your body that might get chaffed or blistered, like your feet, thighs, and underarms.

• Wear cheap, old, or worn out outer warm-ups, sweats, shirts, or jackets for the race that you wouldn’t mind losing when you take them off 5 minutes before the race begins or discarded along the route as you warm up.

• Your last “big meal” ought to be Thursday night, for the Saturday morning half marathon. Some have had success with their last big meal being breakfast or possibly lunch on Friday. I’ll have my last big meal on Thursday night.

• Thursday ought to be your hydration day. Drink 4 to 6 oz. of water every hour you’re awake. Cut back on caffeine, salt, and alcohol, since they can contribute to dehydration.

• Remember, it’s a 13.1 mile event. The biggest mistake is to go out too fast. Don’t be intimidated by the “gazelles” or led by the misguided who start out like rabbits and who’ll probably finish like turtles. Run your own race. If anything, start out a little slower than you intend to be running by the third mile. So fight the urge to blast off at the beginning.

• Running etiquette says that you don’t stop in front of the tables at the water stations and drink. Be aware that others aren’t going to stop to get anything to drink. Keep moving!

• If you’re NOT going to take a cup of water or sports drink as you go through an aid station, then don’t run close to the water tables and volunteers. That way you won’t run into someone who suddenly stops to chug the water.

• Enjoy yourself! You already know that you can “go the distance!”

• Be sure to say “THANK YOU!” to the volunteers!

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Nike + iPod — “Pick up the pace, maggot!”

Apr. 24th 2007

Nike + iPod Review

Since I confessed my affinity for iPods and running, several of you have asked me about the Nike + iPod system.

If you’re not familiar with this system, it consists of a small sensor and a tiny receiver. The sensor fits inside a special slot in Nike shoes, or can be attached to any shoe with a small third party pocket that fits on your shoe. The receiver plugs into your iPod Nano. It’s completely wireless.

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Apr. 5th 2007

What’s on BOOT CAMPER’S iPODS? Here is the growing list of BOOT CAMPER’S 10 or so favorite running tunes! Add your playlist by posting a comment.

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MAKE A FACE! — A Fitness Tip

Feb. 20th 2007

Did you know that you can look younger without having a facelift? One of the things that help to keep us young looking is simple to do. Just make a face!

When you grimace while exercising, you bring rejuvenating blood through your face. You increase circulation. You tighten the muscles in your face and that works against the “hound dog” look. All of these things work toward keeping your face healthy looking.

Exercise isn’t just for your arms, legs, and shoulders. It’s also about your FACE!

But here’s the deal: You’ll have to use heavier weights. It’s time to move up!

– 30 –

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Why Cold Weather Workouts?

Feb. 13th 2007

Cold Weather Workouts?

Q. Tony, why must we work out outside? You’d make more money and you’d have more recruits and you’d make more money and you’d have more recruits (see a theme?) if we worked out inside! So …how ’bout it?

A. Here are the five benefits of cold weather workouts!

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