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Saturday, Apr. 1st 2017 5:07 PM

Goooooood Saturday Evening, Everybody!!

I hope you’ve been able to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather! Isn’t it awesome?!

I wanted to share a part of an email I just sent a lady who joined us in February, only to have to drop out after a couple of days because of a serious illness of one of her children and then the sudden death of her father. She’s planning on coming back next week!

You may know someone to whom this might apply. Perhaps you can encourage them with this. This is part of what I wrote:

“Quite honestly, over the past 17.5 years, had it not been for USMC Fitness Boot Camp, I’m not sure how I would have survived the loss of both of my parents, a divorce, and the 7 deployments of my Marine son, still on active duty since 2000.

When we grieve and struggle, we need physical activity and exercise even more than at times of ease and comfort. Thousands of studies show the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of exercise and I hope you’ll discover the same things as you restart!”

You have to try hard to avoid seeing published articles, almost daily, explaining the far-reaching benefits of exercise that go beyond the physical! Toward that end …


In honor of my friend, Tom Farrar, who passed away in 2007 at the tender age of 54. Tom was my accountant and a great guy, but he did NOT take care of himself.

As an Air Force vet, he enjoyed chiding me for being a Marine 24/7 and always staying in shape. “All of that running around and sweaty exercise is good for you Marines, Tony,” he’d say, “I’m more of a fine wine and dining sort of fella!”
No matter what I said, I couldn’t convince my Type-A, overweight, high-strung friend to exercise and lose weight.

Tom had a heart attack and died in his front yard picking up his newspaper one morning in the spring of 2007. He would have joked that The Commerical Appeal was responsible for his demise.

Ever since Tom’s death, a death I think was preventable, I’ve designated April as the “TOM FARRAR MEMORIAL BRING A FRIEND TO BOOT CAMP MONTH.”

You can bring a friend for a week for free! No strings attached, no pressure to join! I won’t gather their contact info, and I won’t do anything but make them feel welcome with absolutely no sales pitch, guilt, or veiled attempt to sign them up. In fact, if they decide to continue after their free week with us, they’ll have to contact me first. And I won’t be mean to them! I reserve that for YOU! 😉

You guys aren’t clients or members; you’re family and friends to me. So thank you for your continued support. If the program has been beneficial to you, invite a friend to join you for a week, especially a sedentary friend. Let them come and enjoy a week on the Quarterdeck at no charge!

If you no longer live in Memphis, but your friends and family are still here, send them to me for a FREE WEEK!

If you’re injured and unable to exercise with your friend, go ahead and send them to me. You don’t have to be with them. Your referral will be enough.

And if you’ve been in Turdville and need to get back on the Quarterdeck, c’mon! I promise NOT to guilt you or give you a hard time! I don’t care if you’ve gained weight or you’re out of shape. Don’t be embarrassed! I’m not going to shame you or make you feel bad. I’m always so happy to see you! You’ll be met with a hug or a hearty handshake and a “welcome home” reception!

Since I don’t advertise, you guys are my sales staff, so please share this post and tag your friends in the comments.

Have a GREAT weekend! I’ll see you Monday, a new quarter with some changes in the routine!

Sgt. Tony

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