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What is your why? 1/4/2017

Wednesday, Jan. 4th 2017 1:02 PM

We had a GREAT morning today to start 2017! Thanks, everyone!

If you read my recent post about Relevance, Significance, and Purpose, you might be interested in another word that I’ve written in my journal lately: Intention.

More specifically: being intentional.

This new year will see a shake up and a new approach to some of the things we do. Here are a few of the things you’ll see:

* Abbreviated stretching time
* Shorter huddle up times with some days none at all
* Ashley’s nutrition talk biweekly or monthly
* Thursday’s workout (BOGA) will be the only day with an assigned workout
* The year will be broken down into quarters with themes
* Every 6th week will be devoted to exercises without dumbbells
* All classes inside during the first quarter: no need to check the weather
* New workouts will be incorporated into the rotation
* No Mt. Fuji workout during the first quarter

It’s easy sometimes to get the airplane to altitude, point it in the right direction, and turn on the autopilot. I must admit that I’ve done that to some extent. But I can do better and I’ve taken us off autopilot!

Being intentional.

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