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Let Me Down Easy — Sgt. Tony Ludlow, blog post for 9/17/2014

Wednesday, Sep. 17th 2014 3:35 PM

“Tony, I just don’t like you like that. I like you, but just as a friend. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. So, is that cool?”


The Friend-Zone.

If you’ve been single in the past decade or more, odds are you’ve heard this term before. The Friend Zone refers to a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.

The Friend Zone isn’t new. It’s been around for as long as people have been interested in other people, it’s just that now we have a cute little word to describe it.

Even in the Old Testament there’s a reference to the Friend Zone. Well, sort of. Jacob was one of the son’s of Abraham, who happens to be the father of two peoples: Arabs and Jews. But that discussion is for another day. Anyway, Laban was a man who had two daughters, Leah and Rachel, and when Jacob came rollin up on them he said, “sup’ ladies?” and was instantly attracted to Rachel, the younger sister. He walked up to Rachel and said “howUdooin?” Since he had to have Rachel, he told her daddy, Laban, that he’d work for 7 years just to marry Rachel. Laban said, “Cool,” or words to that effect. After 7 years, the wedding day came and near the end of the wedding ceremony, whilst no one was noticing, Laban pulled a switch-a-roo and substituted Leah for Rachel. Laban tricked Jacob into marrying Leah and Jacob didn’t figure it out until after he and Leah consummated the marriage and realized that he’d been film-flamed. Leah was the oldest and, according to tradition, was to marry first, but she was clearly in the Friend Zone with Jacob. So, NOW what? Well, poor old Jacob kept Leah as his wife and then had to work some more before Laban would let him marry Rachel too. But poor Leah was always in the FZ.

Several years ago I was given some advice, but not soon enough for it to be helpful when I could have used it the most. I was told that attraction isn’t a choice. It would have been great if one of my parents would have told me something like this when I was about 12 or 13:

“Son, no matter what you say or do, there will be some people who won’t like you or won’t love you. And more than likely, it won’t be your fault and it won’t be something that you can fix. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person or that you’re a bad person or that you shouldn’t always seek to be the best you that you can be. You should always try to be the superlative version of yourself. But even the perfect version of you won’t be preferable to everyone. It’s like preferring one flavor of ice cream over another or preferring a certain kind of music over another. There’s nothing wrong with coconut cream pie, unless you don’t like coconut and prefer pecan pie instead. There will be some girls who will like you a lot as a friend and will think you’re great, that you’re funny and smart, but won’t be attracted to you romantically. And that’s ok because it’s not really a choice. It’s not like she’s sitting there looking at resumes and pictures and making a choice based on those things. Romantic attraction is more art than science. Or it’s more like magic, if you believe the pop songs and romantic comedies. Either way, it is or it isn’t. How else can you explain a really awesome girl being attracted to a complete and total loser? Or a fantastic guy attracted to some whack-job? So just relax and be an awesome you!”

Advice like that at 13 years old would have been pretty handy. Actually, it’s pretty handy at any age.

Did you hear that, Bono?

A couple of days ago, coinciding with the release of the new iPhone 6, Apple gave away the new U2 album, “Songs of Innocence.” I didn’t download it or buy it, but it appeared on my phone. (I haven’t found it on my computer though. What did I miss?)

U2 is often called one of the most popular and influential rock bands of the last 30 years! Some say they are without equal, that they are the all time best rock band in rock band history. Two of their band members are identified by a single name or word: Bono and Edge. (You’re Big Time when you’re ID’ed by a single name: Prince, Cher, Beyonce, Sting, Iman, Beck, Chesty, et. al.)

Apple spent 100 million dollars to give away U2’s new album for FREE … only to discover that they quite possibly committed the most colossal marketing blunder of 2014! The album — called mediocre by many — was downloaded to iTunes accounts without the account owner’s request or permission. And even though the album has been listened to by over 33 million people, the criticism and backlash that Apple and U2 set off has been unprecedented. Everything about this thing has been criticized: the music, the marketing, the give away, the unsolicitation, everything.

So bad was the criticism, Apple had to publish the How To for deleting that free album. Apparently (said like the “Apparently Kid”) not everyone wants a U2 album … not even a FREE one!

I wonder if Bono and the boys are taking this hard … how are they dealing with this rejection?

I bet they’re taking it just fine!

Probably the lads of U2 learned a long time ago that not everyone is going to like them, or get them, or prefer their music. They’re probably thinking about the 33 million people who DID listen to the new album. Or they’re thinking about the millions who buy tickets to their concerts.

That’s good for all of us to remember.

Sometimes people aren’t going to get us or prefer us, and that’s ok. Put your best album out there! Be the best version of yourself because it’s good for YOU … and the right people, the ones who prefer you and get you, will come your way. After all, who wants to waste a minute of their lives trying to convince someone that they deserve a chance, to be out of the Friend-Zone? That’s just ridiculous!

Don’t be ridiculous!

— 30 —


by Staff Sergeant Ashley Holloway, Registered Dietitian, LDN

(A Registered Dietitian has a BS in Food Science, followed by a one year internship through an accredited university, and then with the recommendation of the internship program’s supervisor, a national examination is required. After that, an RD must have continuing education units annually in order to remain active and registered. An RD is an expert, not a hobbyist or a “food enthusiast.”)

Healthy Muscle, Healthy You!

Muscle mass is vital for life.

Unfortunately, the amount of muscle mass you have declines with age. Your peak muscle mass is around age 30. By age 40, you can lose up to 8% of your muscle every ten years. Around 70 years of age, this loss can accelerate to a muscle mass loss of 15% every ten years!

The reason we all lose muscle as we age is due to decreases in protein synthesis, the process in which cells build proteins. The more muscle mass you lose, the worse it is.

Losing muscle leads to an increased risk of falls and fractures, a weakened immune system, decreased quality of life and a loss of independence. The good news is, you can do something about it!

To slow the loss of age related muscle loss, it is important to eat a source of protein at each meal such as eggs, lean meat, beans, milk, or yogurt. The other critical thing you need to do is to do weight bearing exercises on a regular basis (a minimum of 3 times a week) such as those done at USMC Fitness Boot Camp. Strength training exercises and nutrition play a key roll in building and maintaining muscle.

Heaving healthy muscles equals a healthier you!


However, if it’s raining, we’ll do BOGA

During college football season wear your favorite team’s shirt or hat or other gear every Friday! (Or whenever your team plays!)

Our first training run will be this Sunday morning at 7am. Ordinarily we’ll be training at Shelby Farms Park, BUT this Sunday there will be a very large event at the park with no space to park our cars and no room to run, so we will run at the U of M this Sunday! Meet in the parking lot in front of Mt. Fuji — the parking garage on Zach Curlin.

The cost for the 3 months of training is $75 for active duty boot campers and $125 for “friends of boot camp.”

If you’re not interested in half marathon training, but you’d like to get your one hour of CC (continuous cardio) with the Buffalo Runners, you’re welcome to join us at no cost!

Our goal will be to run on Sundays, but if the weather forecast for the weekend makes it more prudent to run on Saturday instead we’ll run on Saturday instead of Sunday.


Here’s a special running opportunity for you from Boot Camper, “Homefries!” She writes:

Hi bootcampers!

My name is Theresa Reed (aka “Homefries” or “Homeskillet”)! Some of you might remember me from various bootcamp classes, mostly the 6:45am class.

I am part of a club this year at my school called SVOSH. This organization of student doctors goes to different countries around the world and provides free eye care and glasses to the people in those communities. In the past, the club has sent SVOSH members to Haiti, Belarus, Belize, Columbia and Honduras.

In order to go on the trip, each member (myself included!) is required to raise at least $500 and contribute at least 60 volunteer hours to the club.

In order to meet my goals, I am recruiting people for the SVOSH Eye 5k. I get $10 and 1 hour towards my goal for each person who signs up AND mentions my name in their registration! I will be running, but you don’t have to run with me! You can walk and eat a hamburger if you want to, or you can try to beat the current course record of 15:13! I will be doing neither of these things.

Where? Southern College of Optometry (1245 Madison Ave)
When? Saturday, October 4th @ 10am (check-in is at 9:00am)
Cost? $20 through Sept 30th; $25 October 1-4.
Where does the money go? All proceeds go towards travel expenses for SVOSH volunteer trips.
Perks? You get a really cool T-shirt! Music, food and refreshments will follow the race, and medals will be awarded to the top three finalists in each age group.

Registration Instructions: -Follow the link below to register. -When the form asks, “How did you hear about this event”, put “Through someone in the SVOSH community”. In the line below, please put my name, “Theresa Reed.” (Don’t write “Homeskillet,” that’s one of Tony’s nicknames for me!)

Link to register: Info about the race can be found at The current course record is held by Olympian Josh McAdams with a time of 15:13! If you would like to read more about SVOSH, you can go to


MAKE A $&(#&@^#!*% FACE!!!!



What you get out of the workouts is determined by you.

How much do you work? How much effort you put into trying to do all of the repetitions with proper form and how much weight you’re using will determine what you get out of each workout.


It’s time for you to go up in weights … that’s what I’m thinking!







Members of the Sub-7 Club are Boot Campers who’ve run the mile in under 7 minutes under my observation and timing.

Congratulations to the following members of the Sub Seven Club:

Private Sam Podesta
Private Ben Newsham
PFC Tim Jacobs
Corporal Lee Chase,
Corporal Chris McLelland,
Staff Sergeant Patrick Moore,
Staff Sergeant Rob Johnston,
Staff Sergeant Andrew Stolnicki,
Gunnery Sergeant Bart Thomas,
Staff Sergeant Dory Sellers,
Gunnery Sergeant Henry Kenworthy,
Master Sergeant John Winford,
First Sergeant Matt Green,
And Chief Warrant Officer 2 Andrew Forsdick.



Are you coming up on promotion? Let me know! If you’ve been in the program for 6 months straight, you should be on the roster!

Every Wednesday is our Official BOOT CAMP T-SHIRT DAY! You can wear your rank insignia shirt anytime you‘d like, of course, but always every Wednesday!


Under 6 months is a Private

Private First Class is more than 6 months but less than 1 year.
– “El” McCain 11/2013
– Angela Moore 12/2013
– Jenn Bonner 12/2013
– Brett Bonner 1/2014

Over 1 year is a Lance Corporal
– Pam Torres – meritoriously promoted 12/2012
– Teresa Reed 2/2012*
– Emma Crystal 5/2012
– Megan Collins 6/2012
– Maria Wyatt 6/2012
– Chuck Miller 11/2012
– Diane Gorney 12/2012
– Lexie Johnston 12/201?
– Ashley Summers 2/2014
– Ben Summers 2/2013
– Sam Lee 2/2013
– Louise Biedenharn 2/2013
– Jay Biedenharn 2/2013
– Ragan Washburn 2/2013
– Mary Holland Doan 4/2013
– Kay Barkoh 4/2013
– Melissa Campbell 4/2013
– Gina Tice 4/2013
– Mallory Raffensberger 8/2013
– Ashley Bowles 8/2013
– Greg Gaston 8/2013
– Steve Pike 9/2013
– Karen Tronsor 9/2013

Over 2 years is a Corporal
– Jeremy Harris 1/2009*
– Courtney Phillips 2/2011
– JD Dombroski 4/2011
– Carrie Schule 5/2011
– Bevan Lee 5/2011
– Mary Bauer 6/2011
– Lee Chase 7/2011
– Tait Keller 8/2011
– Heath Alderson 9/2011
– Lindsey Stanfill 9/2011
– ShaWanda Upshaw 10/2011
– Tara Ingram 11/2011
– Rachel Phillips 2/2012
– Jean Maskas 2/2012
– Keith Renard 4/2012
– Alan Compton 4/2012
– Steve Havard 5/2012
– Beth Stengel 2/2012
– Chris Kelley 6/2102
– Lora Gubanov 8/2012
– Susye Clark 7/2012
– Orli Weisser-Pike 9/2012
– Lindsey Leet 9/2013
– Morgan Johnson 9/2012

Over 3 years is a Sergeant
– Ashley McClure 7/2010
– Falana Scott 7/2010
– Jenni Harris 8/2010
– Anne Marie Wyatt 8/2010
– Paul Bauer 11/2010
– Robin Scott 3/2011
– Chris McLelland 3/2011
– Randal Rhea 4/2011
– Cindy King 4/2011
– Sherri Thompson 4/2011
– Melissa Thompson 5/2011
– Michelle Moss 5/2011
– Becky Lawler 5/2010*

Over 4 years is a Staff Sergeant
– Jonathan Phillips 10/2008*
– Cameron Mosley 11/2009
– Karen Massey 11/2009
– Cecelia DeLacy 2/2010
– Malinda Miller 3/2010
– Jay Mednikow 3/2010
– Ashley Holloway 4/2010
– Beth Mills 5/2010
– Emily Melonas 6/2010
– Keith Renard 6/2009*
– Tim Romanow 8/2010

Over 5 years is a Gunnery Sergeant
– Patrick Moore 9/2008*
– Jessie Flanders 1/2009
– Andrew Stolnicki 1/2009
– Paul Tronsor 3/2009
– Robert Hunt 8/2009*

Over 6 years is a Master Sergeant
– Anne Mead 2/2005*
– Beth Rehrig 7/2007
– Matt Prince 6/2007
– Frank Jemison 10/2007
– Patty Dougherty 3/2008
– Oscar Adams 3/2008
– Alan Schaeffer 5/2008
– Mike Ryan 5/2006*
– Dory Sellers 6/2006*
– Albo Carruthers 8/2008
– Anne Kenworthy 8/2008

Over 7 years is a First Sergeant
– Kay Ryan 10/2006
– Michelle Crockett 3/2007
– George Rose 5/2007
– Henry Kenworthy 5/2007
– Leslie Garey 6/2007

Over 8 years is a Sergeant Major
– Louis Glazer 3/2005
– Gary Thompson 10/2005
– Scot Bearup 10/2005
– Kay Shelton 1/2006
– Leesa Jensen 5/2006
– Megan Warr 8/2006
– Rob Norcross 8/2006

Over 9 years is a Warrant Officer 1
– Melissa Moore 2/2005
– Matt Green 5/2005
– Mike Barta 6/2005*
– Anne Emmerth 6/2005*

Over 10 years is a Chief Warrant Officer 2
– Buddy Flinn 7/2003
– David Townsend 1/2004
– Hank Brown 3/2004
– Andrew Forsdick 9/2004

Over 11 years is a Chief Warrant Officer 3
– Pat McGhee 1/2003
– John Whittemore 1/2003
– Peter Pettit 5/2003
– Amy Singer 9/2003

Battalion Executive Officer
Major Richard Bourland, 9/2003

* broken time



We should be!


You should totally do that!



If you set up an automatic payment at your bank (Boot Camp mailing address is 4888 Southern, Memphis 38117) you can subtract $10 off your fee!

(This is not in conjunction with other discounts and is not an automatic bank draft that I set up with a voided check. This an automatic payment that you yourself set up yourself with your bank usually online and easy as pie!)



0530 Monday through Friday
(First and second Tuesday of the month are M-16 Workouts at CUMC. Third and fourth Tuesdays are Mt. Fuji Workouts at the U of M)
5:45 PM: Monday through Thursday, 5:30 on Friday.



First of all, find me on Facebook and make me your friend. (Also, be sure to “like” USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP on Facebook.)

Here’s how the discount works!

It’s simple: make a Facebook status update and get a discount!

For every status update that you make that references:
“USMC Fitness Boot Camp,”
“Sgt. Tony’s Boot Camp,”
“Tony’s Boot Camp,”
or something similar, (there are fake boot camps out there) you can take $2.50 off your next reenlistment fee for each update!

You can take up to $20 off for any given month!

Your status update has to be a specific reference to USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP or to me specifically by name.


You can do the same thing by “checking in” at USMC Fitness Boot Camp either by using Facebook “places,” Foursquare, or any of the other “check in” apps that show up on your Facebook News Feed.

So log on and start getting your discounts now!


Q. How can I get up in the morning on a consistent basis?A. Contrary to what many think, I am NOT a morning person. I have to be “dynamited” out of the bed! Here are some tips to help you get going in the morning:
1. Use two alarm clocks. I have a snooze alarm that starts going off several minutes before I intend to get up. Then I have a “Last Call” alarm clock that is located across the room. This alarm clock is set to go off when I MUST get up.
2. Once the last call alarm goes off, the bed becomes OFF LIMITS! Get moving!
3. Get out of bed, turn off the alarm clock, and start turning on lights all through the house. Turn the TV on!
4. Lay out your clothes the night before. Don’t go wandering around the house in the morning trying to find your left shoe and your favorite shorts. So, have things ready the night before.


What would you do if money was not an issue, fear was not a factor, and failure was not an option?

To your optimum health and fitness!



Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow

USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding
Mailing address: 4888 Southern Ave., Memphis, TN 38117
Cell Phone: 901-644-0145

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