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Tomodachi — Sgt. Tony Ludlow’s Newsletter for 4/7/10

Wednesday, Apr. 7th 2010 1:26 PM

This isn’t my usual story.

This is a request for your kindness and compassion.

Some of you have heard about my friend and former Boot Camper, Tabitha Ottiwell. (She’s a Facebook friend of mine too, so you FB friends can find her there.)

For those just now hearing about Tabitha, let me give you a little info about her. She’s a sweet, funny, beautiful young woman in her early 30’s. If you know her, you love her. You just can’t help yourself. She was a Boot Camper for about a year or so and then moved to Charleston, SC last year.

Last week Tabitha had a stroke. That’s right. A stroke. Unbelievable and unfair.

Her condition in the days that followed, while she was in ICU, was terrible and the prognosis bleak.

To complicate matters, Charleston is not her home, so no family there to help. She’s been dependent on the kindness of new friends in Charleston and a few from Memphis who’ve flown down to be with her.

And if things weren’t already a challenge, Tabitha was in a new job situation and for reasons I’m not sure of, was caught in “health insurance limbo.”

I want desperately to help.

I hope you will join me in trying to do something good for someone who is wonderful and amazing and to whom only good things should come. It breaks my heart.

I know that most of you don’t know her, but just imagine one of the sweetest friends that you have being struck down like this. You’d ask your other friends to help your friend in need, right? And that’s what I’m doing. I’m asking you to help me help Tabitha?

I need your creativity in coming up with ideas to help collect money / conduct fund-raising events. Would you put on your thinking caps and brainstorm with me?

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

#1. Piano’s Flowers and Gifts (David and Nikki Strong) have offered to donate 10% of all orders from YOU to this fund! You can order your sweetie something from Piano’s and tell them that you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to help Tabitha. Nikki has agreed to extend this all the way to Mother’s Day so you can get Mom something too! (I’ll be doing that for my mom for sure! And she lives in a nursing home in Fort Smith, AR)

Thank you so much, David and Nikki!

Piano’s Flowers and Gifts ROCKS! Call them for all of your flower and gift needs, local and out of town! 901-345-7670.

#2. I’ll have a special Saturday morning Boot Camp Workout and 1.5 mile Fun Run (or walk) on Saturday May 1 at the U of M.

The cost for this Weekend Warrior Workout will be a minimum of a $20 donation per person. EVERYONE and ANYONE is welcome! And all proceeds will go toward helping Tabitha.

Can you help? Got some ideas? Got a pile of money just laying around not doing anything special?

If you or your company can help or you can think of some other creative way that I can do something, please please let me know.

I would do the same thing for you if you were where Tabitha is.

Thanks guys! Put your thinking caps on …



Henry Kenworthy is involved with the REEF program at Richland Elementary School. They’re having a golf tournament at Stonebridge on Saturday the 17th. Shotgun start at 7:30. Lunch and prizes. Anyone interested can call Henry at 409-7196.



In memory of my friend Tom Farrar, you can bring a friend to Boot Camp during April for a FREE WEEK! No strings attached and no obligation to join.

The Boot Camper who brings the most friends in April will get $100!! US Legal Tender. Not 100 Dollars in “Boot Camp Bucks!” Real money!!

Here are the only rules:

1. Your visiting friends must be prospects for membership, so no out of town visitors will count toward your total number of friends for the contest. But feel free to bring ’em!

2. Repeat visitors don’t count beyond their first visit – so you can’t bring your friend Bob 15 times during April and count it as 15 friends!

3. Friends who join are counted twice!

Your friends can join USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP for only $90 in April! That’s 50% off the first month’s fee of $180! Only your friends and family can take advantage of this deal.

Use Facebook to invite your friends AND get a discount on your enlistment. (See below)



April is here and I’m BACK and committed to 100% BOOT CAMP AWESOMENESS!

(I want to thank those of you who’ve hung in there with me through my knee rehab … and THE MOST miserable winter in USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP history! I appreciate you more than you know! Thank you all very much!)

In addition to the regular class structure getting a makeover, a slight overhaul, and a little tweaking, here’s what else is scheduled for this month.

The 0530 Class
On Tuesday April 13 at the 0530 class, we’ll be inside for those rockin’ “M-16 Workouts” (aka “the rifle workout) that some of you guys will remember. We’ll be in the “other gym” (aka “the east gym,” “the wooden gym,” “the church gym”) … not the blue one that we usually use. Enter the Recreation Building off the north side entrance.

On Thursday April 8, and 15 we’ll have BOGA in the blue gym. On Tuesday April 20 and 27 we’ll have BOGA in the blue gym.

We’ll be returning to the U of M for our “Mt. Fuji” workouts at 0530 on Thursday April 22 and 29. We’ll be using the parking garage (aka “Mt. Fuji”) on Zach Curlin at the U of M. You’ll hear more about this later.


The Tuesday and Thursday evening classes have returned!

We are running at the track at St Agnes, located at Walnut Grove and Mendenhall, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:45. These track workouts (or you can run in the neighborhood if you prefer) are designed to give you the opportunity to return to running, get faster, or get into running for the very first time. Running isn’t required. You are more than welcome to power walk. But I hope your power walking is in the direction of becoming a runner someday!


BOGA Expands

By popular demand, in addition to the 0530 class tomorrow morning, BOGA will be on tap for the 08:30 AM and the 5:30 PM classes on Friday!

All BOGA workouts are inside unless I say otherwise! hahaha

BOGA is 22 minutes of hardcore Boot Camp + 22 minutes of Power Yoga = BOGA



Exciting things are happening!!

You could lose 20 pounds by June!


The secret behind weight loss is more about diet than exercise.

After my own personal success with Take Shape For Life, I became a health coach for TSFL. That’s how much I believe in it!

Seriously, y’all … it’s easy, it tastes good, you’re not hungry, you don’t starve, it’s affordable, AND you get to have “normal – regular” food too!

You can go directly to my Take Shape For Life website (below) to get more information. You can sign up there as well.

Feel free to call me if you’d like more info. 901-644-0145. I’d be happy to be your coach and help you genuinely lose the weight you’ve been wanting to lose!

We’re having our regular TSFL meeting tomorrow night at Panera Bread at 7 PM on the patio. Anyone is welcome to attend. You can talk to others on the program, get some info, chit chat, and find out what all the fuss is about. No strings, no pressure, no one will call you! Just come and hang out with us. We’ll be done by 8!

Go to:



This has been pretty amazing!

Here’s how it works!

Make a Facebook status update and get a discount!

For every status update that you make that references:
“USMC Fitness Boot Camp,”
“Sgt. Tony’s Boot Camp,”
or something similar, you can take $2.50 off your reenlistment fee!
Up to $20 off for any given month!

Your status update has to be a specific reference to USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP or to me specifically by name.

Use your own wording and personality, just include the specifics.

Restrict yourself to just one of these status updates per day. You don’t want 8 status updates in a row going out on the same day!

If you use the app “foursquare” on your iPhone, Blackberry, or other phone, you can “check in” at USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP when you attend and that will count towards your discount too! Be sure to link it to your Facebook account.

How cool is that, a discount just for showing up and checking in on Foursquare.



Race Judicata is scheduled for Saturday, April 10 at 10:00 a.m. The race will take place at Jefferson Davis Park, located at 51 North Riverside Drive and there will be food and music following the race. Check-in starts at 8:30 a.m.

The race is open to the public. Runners and walkers are welcome!

Strollers welcome! Food and Music Following the Race!

Race Judicata benefits Memphis Area Legal Services (MALS). MALS provides free legal service to the elderly and low income families. For more information about MALS, visit:


If your friends knew what you knew, they’d want to do what you’re doing! Tell ’em about USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP!

What would you do today if fear were not a factor, failure were not an option, and money were not a question?

To your continued good health and fitness,


Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow

USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding
Mailing address: 4888 Southern Ave., Memphis, TN 38117
Cell Phone: 901-644-0145

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