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TEN — Newsletter for 3/18/09

Wednesday, Mar. 18th 2009 10:25 AM

I lived in Japan for 10 years as a civilian.

I lived for 3 years in Tokyo and 7 years in Nagoya. Not far from where I lived was Mt. Osutaka. On a ridge of that mountain range is the crash site of the worst air disaster in history.

Japan Airlines (JAL) flight 123, taking off from Tokyo bound for Osaka, crashed there on August 12, 1985. It was one of the most unusual plane crashes not only because of the great loss of life, but because the passengers and crew knew they were going to crash. For almost an hour they knew.

A mechanical failure that occurred shortly after takeoff rendered the aircraft mostly uncontrollable. The flight crew lost practically all steering capabilities. What little control they had was primarily made possible by varying the thrust of the engines. The erratic and wandering behavior of the plane made it necessary to inform the passengers of their situation. And ultimately of their peril.

Film developed from cameras found at the crash site chronicled the scene within the cabin of the ill-fated craft. There was no chaos, no panic, no pandemonium. The photographs showed flight attendants calmly walking up and down the aisle giving out refreshments and words of comfort. Passengers remained seated. Many appeared to be praying. While others looked as if they were taking a written examination. The flight attendants had also handed out paper and pens.

In 1985 there were no cell phones. Passengers spent their last hour writing letters to their loved ones. Letters that were discovered in the pockets of their clothes. Their last letters.

If you knew that you only had one hour to live, and you could only speak to 10 people, who would they be?

That was a question posed to me a few years ago when I was facing a tough time in my life.

I wrote down the names of the 10 people I would want to talk to if I had only an hour to live.

Whoever those 10 are, I was told, THEY are the most important people in your life. THEY are the ones to treasure. THEY are the ones who matter. THEY are the ones to invest your life in. THEY are the ones who deserve to get your best. Your time. Your patience. Your understanding. Your love.

Who are YOUR 10? Write down their names.

Today, take care of your body as if you were going to live forever. Make it healthy and strong!

But today — and everyday — behave toward your 10 as if this were your last day on earth. Today might be a good day to tell them how important they are to you.



Our Teri Trotter is having breast cancer surgery today at 1:30. Please keep our sweet friend, her man Brad, and their awesome kids, Lanie and William, in your thoughts and prayers. You can read about Teri’s situation at:

This is what Teri wrote this morning:

“I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed with fear. I am overwhelmed with the uncertainty of the unknown. I am overwhelmed by the complexity of this disease. I am overwhelmed by the graciousness of people around me. I am overwhelmed with love for my husband. I am overwhelmed with love for my children. I am overwhelmed by the faith I have in God. I am overwhelmed with a calm that can only be brought on by the prayers of so many people. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for me. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I am overwhelmed by how God has blessed me with such an amazing family. I am overwhelmed with relief that today is finally here. I am overwhelmed with the need to move forward to the next stage of treatment. I am overwhelmed with worry as to just what this treatment will be. I am overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am overwhelmed that all of you care so much. I am overwhelmed.
Just two more hours until I leave for the hospital. Bring it on!!”


Boot Camper Emily House and her husband, David, are hurting right now. Emily had an emergency c-section on Sunday. Their little boy was born with too many life threatening conditions and died a few hours after he was born. I don’t think I can convey to you the desperate need they have for their hearts and emotions to be made healthy and whole again. Please remember them.

If your heart is light, if your body is healthy, if your life is good … reach out to someone whose heart is heavy, whose body hurts, whose life is in turmoil. On the shoulders of those around you are the unseen and heavy burdens they bear.



Last week I told you about my friend Rachel. She’s lost over 60 pounds and as a former smoker and mother of 3, had a long row to hoe when she decided to take charge of her life and become physically fit.

But she didn’t let anything get in her way (sounds like something I’ve been harping on to you guys for years!) And now she’s ready to tell me how she did it. (And of course, I wasn’t gonna leave you out!)

To see how she pulled it all off, you gotta get on the 3-part series she’s gonna do via phone. First, sign up to get the call-in details:

She’ll supply the rest.

I just knew you guys wouldn’t wanna pass up an opportunity to see how a full-time mother and entrepreneur “found” time in her schedule to workout, eat right on a family budget, and take the weight off.

I can think of at least one or two of you that could really use these calls to your advantage!



Congratulations to these Boot Campers who ran the Germantown Half Marathon this past Sunday! Way to go guys!

Estelle Winsett
Kay Ryan
Elizabeth Stacey

And David and Margaret Caffey ran in the Walt Disney World Family Weekend! They ran a 5K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday!! Awesome!

All y’all ROCK!



Tomorrow morning the 0530 class will meet at the University of Memphis for our Mt. Fuji workout! Meet in the parking lot in front of the parking garage on Zach Curlin. Bring your dumbbells!


SPRING HALF MARATHON TRAINING at the University of Memphis

Half Marathon (13.1 miles) Training for the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville on April 25, 2009 (or the Louisville Half Marathon or St. Louis Half Marathon) will continue at 0800 this coming Saturday, 21 March!

We’ll meet in front of the parking garage on Zach Curlin! Saturday’s run will be speed oriented and will only last 1 hr. 10 min.

The training schedule is posted on the blog page of our website:



I try to promote and patronize Boot Campers in their businesses. I am also a member of a business networking group (BNI – Business Networking International) that meets weekly to promote one another’s businesses.

Every week I’ll be introducing you to three businesses, either owned by one of you guys or one of my BNI buddies. Maybe you’re not a business owner, but you work on commission and would like to be mentioned, please send me your info!

Today’s Big Three are:

1. Eric Flanders (Boot Camper): Fleet Feet Sports “Running Shoes, Apparel and Gear”, 901-761-0078. Sgt. Tony’s running store.

2. Dr. John Whittemore (Boot Camper) Germantown Dental Group, 901-754-0540. Sgt. Tony’s dentist.

3. Greg Inman (Boot Camper), Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control 901-388-0852. Sergeant Tony’s termite company!


If you knew that you only had one hour to live, and could only speak to 10 people, who would they be?

To your continued good health and fitness,


Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding
4888 Southern Ave
Memphis, TN 38117

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