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Saturday, Apr. 12th 2008 7:05 AM

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will
interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet,
and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

—Thomas Alva Edison: Was an inventor and businessman

The high cost of health care (actually “sick care”), the cozy relationship of the drug companies with the federal government, and the increasing levels of slackerism in our community make Thomas Edison’s words more alarming. By now, according to his prediction, health care providers in white lab coats ought to be doing what Doctor Sergeant Tony is doing!

On a different note, but to the same point, the seasons are changing and the trips to the beach, the pool, and reunions will soon be upon us! Along with all of those shorts and tank tops will be opportunities to hike, swim, ride, run, ski, do fun and active stuff outside … plus all of that extra exposure!

Are you ready?

For those of you reading this who are out of shape … who used to be healthy and fit … who need to get back on the stick and who NEED to come to Boot Camp … I’m waiting!!

If not now … when?



Identified by their call signs, you can see the progress of our 10 Combat Challengers as of this past Friday, April 12!

Puddin Head – down 5.08%

Rising Sun … down 2.52%

Lady Bug – down 7.9%

Gurkha Woman – down 4.2%

Dumplin – down 8.02%

Houdini – down 6.9%

Drake – down 5.35%

Lunchbox – down 7.15%

Bubbalicious – down 8.18%

Heavy G – down 9.92%

Awesome job guys!

Here are some tips I gave the Challengers last week that you might be interested in as well:

1) eat less (duh)

2) work out more (mo duh!)

3) don’t eat after 8 PM

4) drink more water

5) eat slowly

6) don’t eat while watching TV or reading

7) eat more protein

8) eat foods that are nutritionally dense

9) workout with intensity and purpose



Last year, in honor of my friend Tom Farrar, I launched the “Bring a Friend to Boot Camp Month!”

You can bring a friend to Boot Camp during April for a FREE DAY! No strings attached.

What’s in it for you?

The Boot Camper who brings the most friends in April will get $100!! US Legal Tender. Not 100 Dollars in Boot Camp Bucks!

Here are the rules:

1. You get one point for each visitor you bring.

2. Your visiting friends must be prospects for membership, so no out of town visitors will count toward your total number of friends for the contest.

3. If your visiting friend joins, you get double points.

4. Repeat visitors don’t count beyond their first visit – so you can’t bring your friend Bob 15 times during April and count it as 15 points!

In addition, your friends can join USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP for only $90 in April! Only your friends and family can take advantage of this deal. New recruits taking advantage of this special discount MUST have a sponsoring friend who IS a Boot Camper in good standing. It’s for our friends and family only.

Current Standings

Lale Adams with 4 points (her two friends actually JOINED, she gets double the points!)

Yvette Mock with 2 points

John Winford with 2 points



My house on Southern, in the Colonial View neighborhood (between Target on Colonial and The Half Shell on Mendenhall) will be available for lease on April 1. GREAT LOCATION!

It’s a geographical oddity, 5 minutes from everywhere! (My apologies to the Coen Brothers!) More details and a picture are on the blog:



Half marathon training continues this Saturday, April 12 at 8 AM @ Shelby Farms. We’ll meet in front of the Visitor’s Center. This Saturday we’ll be going 1 hr. 45 min.



The Boot Campers at Evergreen Presbyterian continue to march, averaging about a dozen boot campers daily!!! Invite your midtown friends to check out the Midtown location with Theresa and Holly at Evergreen, 0530 to 0630, Monday through Friday!

You can see the map and directions for Evergreen on our website:



On Friday and Saturday, April 18 and 19, USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP will have a booth at the Paul Mitchell School near Wolfchase Mall at 8000 US Hwy 64. This will be a “fun-raiser” charity business expo for four very worthy charities. All proceeds go to the Leeza Gibbon’s Memory Foundation, The Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Food 4 Africa, and the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation.

Would you like to volunteer to man (or wo-man) the booth for an hour or so? I’d love to put you on the list of awesome, A-1, incredible Boot Campers!

More details next week!


Another Deep Thought by Jack Handy:
“I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices
and just laugh at people.”

To your continued good health and fitness!

Sergeant Tony

Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding
4888 Southern Cove
Memphis, TN 38117

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