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Tuesday, Apr. 1st 2008 8:43 AM

Hello All!

How ’bout them TIGERS???

The last time we were in the Final Four I was an undergrad sitting in class with Keith Lee and Andre Turner! Well, I at least SAW them on campus! (How many of you remember the chat of “DOOM!!!” from those days?)

I’ve got THREE things for you on this Sunday evening.


USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP will participate in an expo at the Agricenter this Saturday, the 5th. It’s called “A Healthy You” and it’ll be full of health, wellness, and fitness companies, vendors, and services. The expo is FREE and goes from 10 AM to 6 PM. Make plans to stop by and say hello! Bring your slacker friends!



Our 10 Combat Challengers have completed their first of six months on the road to a new life and new lifestyle! All have lost weight and are doing really well! Say a word of encouragement to them!

Identified by their call signs, you can see their progress below:

Puddin Head – down 4.05%

Rising Sun – down 1.9%

Lady Bug – down 5.78%

Gurkha Woman – down 3.05%

Dumplin – down 5.10%

Houdini – down 5.97%

Drake – down 5.4%

Lunchbox – down 4.33%

Bubbalicious – down 4.06%

Heavy G – down 7.7%

Congratulations to all of you Combat Challengers!



My friend Tom Farrar was a great guy and an excellent CPA. Former Air Force vet and a numbers genius, but an overweight, hyper-type-A personality that concerned me from the time day I met him. I worried that Tom was a walking time bomb … a heart attack just waiting to happen. Tom was my CPA and I badgered him, sweetly invited him, tried to shame him, and attempted to humiliate him over the years in an effort to get him to take care of himself and get in shape. I tried everything to get Tom’s attention and help him. “Tom, you need to come to Boot Camp … I promise not to kill you.” Tom would always laugh it off and promise me that he’d come “one of these days.”

Tom’s days ended last April.

He never came to Boot Camp. He never let me help him.

Tom walked out to pick up his morning paper last year, had a heart attack, and died in his front yard.

Since last year, in honor of my friend Tom, I’ve made April our “Bring a Friend to Boot Camp Month!”

You can bring a friend to Boot Camp during April for a FREE DAY! No strings attached.

What’s in it for you?

The Boot Camper who brings the most friends in April will get $100l!! US Legal Tender. Not 100 Dollars in Boot Camp Bucks!

Here are the only rules:

1. Your visiting friends must be prospects for membership, so no out of town visitors will count toward your total number of friends for the contest.

2. Repeat visitors don’t count beyond their first visit – so you can’t bring your friend Bob 15 times during April and count it as 15 friends!

In addition, your friends can join USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP for only $90 in April! Only your friends and family can take advantage of this deal. New recruits taking advantage of this special discount MUST have a sponsoring friend who IS a Boot Camper in good standing. It’s for our friends and family only.

See you all on the Quarterdeck this week!

Sergeant Tony

Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding
5358 Denwood
Memphis, TN 38120

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