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March Madness Boot Camp Basketball Bracket!

Mar. 18th 2008

Instructions for March Madness Boot Camp Basketball Bracket! — Read Carefully!

1. Fill out TWO identical brackets in PEN, all the way to your National Champion. Write your name in PEN on each copy. PLUS, guess a total combined score for the final game, to be used as a tie breaker. (Example: Gonzaga 50, Austin Peay 52 = 102) Write that number next to your name. The person closest to the final combined score of 102 would be the winner in the event of a tie.

2. Paperclip $20 to one copy of your bracket, filled out in PEN, and give both to me. I’ll turn over all brackets to Steve Jackson, the Official Tournament Director, and will keep up with the point totals. I’ll hold on to the money and the Tournament Director’s bracket.

3. The winner of the “winner takes all” pot is the person with the most points, determined by the following point system:
1 point for each of your picks making it to the second round,
2 points for each of your teams making it to the Sweet Sixteen,
4 points for each of your teams advancing to the Elite Eight,
8 points for each of your teams making it to the Final Four,
12 points for each of your teams advancing to The Final,
16 points for choosing the National Champion.

4. Lose your mind, it’s MARCH MADNESS BAAAABY!

You can print out your brackets from CBS Sports website:

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Mar. 13th 2008

Former Mr. Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, was honored last week in NYC by Cosmopolitan magazine as the “Fun and Fearless Male of the Year.”

Mayer, 30, was surrounded by the other finalists, a bunch of famous pretty boys, included actor Dave Annable and rapper/actor Common. There was the Canadian animal trainer and zoologist Dave Salmoni, Dirty Sexy Money actor Peter Krause, MySpace founder Tom Anderson, The Office star John Kransinski, alleged comedian Dane Cook, and the current reigning Mr. Jessica Simpson, Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo.

“I was thinking, you have John Mayer, Dane Cook,” Romo said as he accepted his award for being fun and fearless. “If you date Jessica Simpson you must be fun and fearless.”

No Tony, you must be fun and clueless.

The awards themselves, of course, missed the mark by a long LONG shot.

My personal list of “fun and fearless males” wouldn’t include a single one of those fellas. Nothing against John Mayer (I like him) or John Kransinski (he’s great in The Office), but seriously …

Well it was, after all, Cosmo. That magazine gets it wrong way more than it gets it right. Cosmo: full of unrealistic women’s shapes, sizes, and expectations; plenty of stupid advice about men and relationships, and apparently a middle school girl’s understanding of “fun and fearless.”

Wanna find “fun and fearless” men? Don’t look in the pages of Cosmo or the tabloid magazines! You can find fun and fearless men in your own neighborhood … lots of them wearing uniforms … lots of them on the Quarterdeck.

I bet you all have plenty of REAL “fun and fearless” men in your own life experiences … and they’re way better than those Cosmo posers! So give the real men in your life a handshake or a pat on the back … or a beer … and tell them that they’re way better than any of those Jessica Simpson rejects!

Gentlemen … you men reading this, let’s all be FUN and FEARLESS!



The response to last week’s challenge to answer the Jeff Foxworthy-ish “If x,y, z, you might be a Boot Camper” was really good! Some of you guys were pretty creative and funny! Here are 5 of those for this week. Feel free to send in your own!

“If you know what (but not where!) Turdeville is, you might be a Boot Camper.”

“If you know what a Fat Larry or a Jim Steiner is, you might be a Boot Camper.”

“If you tease Air Force guys and Hollywood Marines, even though you have never served in ANY branch of the service, you might be a Boot Camper.”

“If your spouse threatens to kill you if he/she hears “well Sergeant Tony says…” one more time, you might be a Boot Camper.”

“If you greet others in public with a “wow, you look really nice with clothes on!”, you might be a Boot Camper.”

Send me YOUR contribution!



USMC Fitness Boot Camp is collecting necessities and
comfort items for Marines serving in Afghanistan and
Iraq. Please join us in collecting these items, cards
and letters that will be packed and shipped on April
12th from Madison, TN.

TN Marine Family is preparing for their annual
donation drive and is need of the following items:

Hot Chocolate
Tea Bags
Flavored Coffee
powdered Gatorade – small containers or pouches
Slim Jims/Beef Jerky
Crackers and Easy Cheese
Kraft Easy Mac
Instant Soups
Granola Bars
Pouches of Tuna / Chick en
Spices (onion powder, garlic powder, etc. Not large
White Athletic Socks
Chapstick / Lip Balm
Small Packages Baby Wipes
Foot Powder
Writing Paper / Press N Seal Envelopes
Sunflower Seeds
Canned Spaghetti / Ravioli
Vienna Sausages (No Pork)
CD’s / DVD’s / Paperback Books
Travel Sized Hand Sanitizers
Inexpensive Hand Held Video Games
Bags of Hard Candy
Prepaid Phone Cards
AA Batteries
Eye Drops
Hand Warmers

Please bring items, hand written notes/cards or photos
that you would like to send to our troops to Boot
Camp. I will have a box in my car and on the
Quarterdeck for you to place your donations beginning Monday. Last
year, TN Marine Family packed and shipped 428 boxes
and they hope to do more this year!

Even just a thank you not means a lot to the men and
women serving our country.

We appreciate your support!

For more information on TN Marine Family, please


Read This Everyone!

Even though you HATE the push-up, take 2 minutes to read it. (It’ll take 15 for Ole Miss grads, 30 for UT people — I understand that UT doesn’t really HAVE grads)

An Enduring Measure of Fitness: The Simple Push-Up – New York Times



Since June is class reunion month, wedding month, trip to the beach month, take a cruise month, and time to wear shorts and tank top to the mall month, we’re launching the “One Grand ($1,000) Reunion Challenge 2008.” This year the Challenge will be a version of the Combat Challenge! Weigh in is tomorrow!

The details:

1. Entry fee is $200. Half of that must come from 2 living, breathing, hold-you-accountable sponsors. (The entry fee is separate from your regular Boot Camp membership fee.)

2. Entry fee, with sponsor’s info, is due on the initial weigh-in day. Initial weigh in is being conducted until next Friday, March 21 due to the Spring Break interruption.

3. Final weigh-in is on May 30th.

4. Optional weekly weigh-ins every Friday.

5. Weight loss tips, ideas, and consultation from Sergeant Tony.

6. The Winner is the one who loses the highest percentage of weight!

6. The Winner receives $1,000 and a FREE month of BOOT CAMP!

7. The Winner’s SPONSORS each get their money back AND a FREE month of BOOT CAMP!



In honor of Ken Kenworthy, the Chickasaw Council of the Boy Scouts of America is hosting an annual fishing tournament to the Florida Keys. Ken was very involved in Scouting.

Proceeds from the tournament will go to the Ken Kenworthy Campership Fund.

Participants will fly from Memphis to Miami on Thursday April 17th. Lodging will be at the Boy Scouts of America’s National Sea Base on Islamorada, Florida. Participants will fish in two person teams with local guides on Friday and Saturday, returning to Memphis on Sunday April 20th. Cost is $3,000.00 for individual and $5,000.00 for a two person team. This includes airfare, transportation, meals and lodging, and guide services.

For information about the tournament contact Henry Kenworthy (cell 901-409-7196) or the Scout Office at 901-327-4193.



My house on Southern, in the Colonial View neighborhood (between Target on Colonial and The Half Shell on Mendenhall) will be available for lease on April 1. GREAT LOCATION!

It’s a geographical oddity, 5 minutes from everywhere! (My apologies to the Coen Brothers!) More details and a picture are on the blog:



Half marathon training continues this Saturday, March 8 at 8 AM @ Shelby Farms. We’ll meet in front of the Visitor’s Center. This Saturday we’ll be going 2hrs 10 min.


USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP — Midtown continues to march, averaging about a dozen boot campers!!! Invite your midtown friends who think it’s too far to come to Christ Methodist to check out the Midtown location with Theresa and Holly at Evergreen Presbyterian, 0530 to 0630, Monday through Friday!


“We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control
our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious,
and we are then master of the situation.”
— Florence Scovel Shinn: American artist, metaphysics teacher, author

To your continued good health and fitness!

Sergeant Tony

Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding
4888 Southern Cove
Memphis, TN 38117

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Mar. 7th 2008


We’ll postpone the Saturday run and reschedule for Sunday morning. Meet at 8 AM in front of the Visitor’s Center at Shelby Farms. We’ll run for 1 hr. 45 min. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Sunday.

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OBAMA, CLINTON, MCCAIN, OR LUDLOW? — Weekly Newsletter 3/5/08

Mar. 5th 2008

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” That was the first sentence I learned in my typing, yes TYPING, class in high school.

I never play politics with you guys. I don’t try to tell anyone how to vote. But after I typed that sentence over and over all those years ago, it finally had its effect on me.

I’ve decided to launch my own candidacy for President of the United States.

Here’s why.

I’ve examined the health care plans and positions of Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama and all three are CLUELESS!

One of these three people will be living in the White House next year and all three of them seem to be out to lunch about health care.

See, here’s the problem: they don’t even get the name of their policies right. Simple English has eluded these bright people. (Ron Paul is wrong too!) Only Sergeant Tony is the one with the right plan! I’m the only one with a real health care plan.

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