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Monday, Feb. 11th 2008 8:54 PM

As Peyton Manning asks in one of those MasterCard Priceless Pep talk commercials, “Bummed about that gut?”

Everyone has a trouble spot or trouble spots. Some people have a beer belly. Some have saddle bags, flabby arms, back fat, thigh fat, or love handles. Too many “jiggly” things.

A lot of people want to do extra crunches thinking the crunches will flatten their stomachs and give ’em a six pack.

I get a lot of these kinds of requests:
“Tony, can we do more triceps work today?”
“Sgt. Tony, what exercise can I do to get rid of THIS?” they ask as they grab one of those trouble spots.

They’ve bought into the myth that doing more triceps work will get rid of the flab on the back of their arms. They think that doing more side bends will get rid of the love handles. They mistakenly think that those exercises will reduce the layer of fat surrounding those trouble spots.

But here’s the truth about spot reducing:

You can’t spot reduce.


The layer of fat surrounding your trouble spot can’t be reduced by working THAT particular muscle under THAT particular trouble spot.

Instead, the body loses fat the same way that a snowman melts in the sun. All over, from head to toe. You’ve got to turn up the heat in order to melt the layer of fat around those muscles. By reducing the amount you eat and turning up the cardio “heat,” you’ll reduce the amount of fat covering the muscles.

Or you can look at it this way:

Imagine that the layer of fat on your body is like wearing a big parka all the time. You can work the muscles of your body and get really toned, but if you don’t take off the parka, you’ll never see those toned muscles, the six pack will remain hidden under all that fluff.

Reducing the calorie intake and doing fat burning cardio like running, swimming, power walking, cycling, jogging, using an elliptical trainer, playing sports that require continuous motion, quick paced circuit training — anything that gets your heart rate up and sustains it for more than 30 minutes — that’ll take the parka off!

You can do a thousand crunches and still not have a flat stomach. You’ve got to cut back on what you eat and jump start the way you move!

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