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IN THE ZONE! — Weekly Newsletter 11/28/07

Nov. 28th 2007

Yes, it’s true.

I am a grandfather!

Actually, I’m “Big Dad” to young Isaiah Matthew Ludlow, newborn son to my firstborn son, Matthew and my daughter-in-law, Starr. Isaiah is the heir apparent to the Boot Camp Empire!

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Nov. 27th 2007

Sgt. Tony is PROUD to announce the arrival of his GRANDSON!

Three generations of Ludlow men!


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Nov. 25th 2007

Sgt. Tony’s Tips for Running the St. Jude Half Marathon


• Don’t do, eat, drink, or wear anything on race day that you haven’t done in training. You don’t want any surprises on race day.

• Don’t eat or drink anything during the race that you haven’t tried out in training.

• I park at the Peabody Place parking garage. It’s convenient to both the start and the finish lines.

• I always arrive early and take a duffle bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, shower shoes, and towel to Auto Zone Park, where you can check it with volunteers. Since the race ends at Auto Zone Park you can use the player’s locker rooms and showers. No coed showering allowed!

• Lay out all of your clothes and gear the night before.

• Double knot your shoe laces.

• Use “Body Glide” or some similar product to “lube” the parts of your body that might get chaffed or blistered, like your feet, thighs, and underarms.

• Wear cheap, old, or worn out outer warm-ups, sweats, shirts, or jackets for the race that you wouldn’t mind losing when you take them off 5 minutes before the race begins or discarded along the route as you warm up.

• Your last “big meal” ought to be Thursday night, for the Saturday morning half marathon. Some have had success with their last big meal being breakfast or possibly lunch on Friday. I’ll have my last big meal on Thursday night.

• Thursday ought to be your hydration day. Drink 4 to 6 oz. of water every hour you’re awake. Cut back on caffeine, salt, and alcohol, since they can contribute to dehydration.

• Remember, it’s a 13.1 mile event. The biggest mistake is to go out too fast. Don’t be intimidated by the “gazelles” or led by the misguided who start out like rabbits and who’ll probably finish like turtles. Run your own race. If anything, start out a little slower than you intend to be running by the third mile. So fight the urge to blast off at the beginning.

• Running etiquette says that you don’t stop in front of the tables at the water stations and drink. Be aware that others aren’t going to stop to get anything to drink. Keep moving!

• If you’re NOT going to take a cup of water or sports drink as you go through an aid station, then don’t run close to the water tables and volunteers. That way you won’t run into someone who suddenly stops to chug the water.

• Enjoy yourself! You already know that you can “go the distance!”

• Be sure to say “THANK YOU!” to the volunteers!

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TIRE IRON — Weekly Newsletter 11/20/07

Nov. 20th 2007

“Hey Dad, I need a costume for Thanksgiving,” said my oldest son.

This is what I heard 15 years ago today as I took he and his brother and sister to their elementary school.

“OK,” I said, “we’ll work on that tonight.”

“Uh, Dad … I kind of need it today.”


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MAGIC SCALES — Weekly Newsletter 11/15/07

Nov. 15th 2007

* * * THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2007 * * *

“What kind of complainer are you?”

Ever heard a sermon started like that?

Craig Strickland, pastor at Hope Presbyterian, went on to describe four types of complainers.

1. The Whiner — “It’s not fair.”

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TRADITIONS — 11/12/07

Nov. 12th 2007

HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! – Observed. November 12, 2007

Today is the day our country sets aside to honor all those who’ve worn the uniform of one of our armed forces.

I have a tradition of going to the national cemetery on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. I borrow a Japanese tradition of taking stones or coins to the graves of their loved ones. Today I took seven smooth stones and found the graves of seven different service members. I kneel and place a stone on top of the headstone, and say a short prayer of thanksgiving for that person and their service to our country. And then I ask God’s mercy and blessings on that person’s family, most of whom must still grieve over their lost loved one. Then I stand and salute the name on the headstone.

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TRAINING IRAQIS — Weekly Newsletter 11/9/07

Nov. 9th 2007

* * * TGI FRIDAY’S NEWS * * *



Tomorrow, November 10, is the 232nd Birthday of the United States Marine Corps!
oooooorraaaaaaaaaah!!! (“ewwwwwwwww raaaaaaaaaaaah”)
Marines are Marines forever, by the way!
And I mean FOREVER!
No other branch of the armed services has a brotherhood and a sense of esprit de corps, like we do. And while I’m on the subject, we are never ever referred to as “EX” Marines … ever! If you wanna start a fight, call one of us, not currently on active duty, an ex-Marine!
“Marine” is a title that we earned! In fact, did you know that “Marine” is always capitalized? Soldier, sailor, and all of the other military service’s names are lower case. And while I’m at it, don’t refer to a Marine as a “soldier.” Soldiers are Army.
One of the proudest days of my life was the day I graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp and my Senior Drill Instructor shook my hand and said to me, “Congratulations MARINE.” And the emblem of the Marine Corps, the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor was placed in my hand.

So … what can you do to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday? You could run the 5K in Millington that honor’s fallen Marine Lance Corporal Tim Creager.

OR …

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SPECIAL EDITION! — Weekly Newsletter 11/6/07

Nov. 6th 2007


First of all, a GREAT BIG thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to each of you who made such awesome and generous donations to Team for Kids! Let me express my deepest appreciation for your additional support through your prayers, phone calls, text messages, and emails!! Thanks everyone!

Second, did I finish the marathon?

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