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ARE YOU FAILING ENOUGH? — Weekly Newsletter

Jun. 27th 2007

If you can’t be great, be a total screw up. But never, ever be good enough.”

These words got my attention and began an article written by Gil Schwartz.

I used to tell my kids, my Marines, and the players I coached that “good enough, never is.” My Dad used to tell me that anything worth doing, was worth doing right. I’ll bet your parents said the same thing, didn’t they?

What if everyone you encountered today believed that their job mattered and that YOU mattered. What if everyone you met today did everything they did, as the New Testament says, “as unto the Lord.”

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TIGER WOODS — Weekly Newsletter

Jun. 20th 2007

The other day I was wearing a Marine Corps t-shirt with,
written on the back.

Standing in line at the grocery store, the lady behind me said, “That’s kind of harsh, isn’t it?” commenting on the message. I just smiled and said, “Of course not!”

It reminded me of Jonathan Edwards.

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DID I MISS ANYONE? — Weekly Newsletter

Jun. 13th 2007

I received several emails about something I wrote a month ago.

“Tony, why you gotta be so mean?” was the gist of some of those responses!

So …

By popular demand, here’s the Reader’s Digest version of that little ditty ’bout Jack and Dianne, no, no, no not THAT lame ditty … but the one entitled: Are You in Trouble?

Some of you reading this are in trouble.

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Jun. 12th 2007

I’ve been a little delinquent in my movie reviews. Several of you, believe it or not, actually ENJOY these reviews and ask for them! I’d planned on writing up my race report from the Half Ironman Triathlon before I turned to the cinema, but I’m having some difficulties writing the tri report. So, here’s what’s up at the movies.

“Knocked Up” is a goofy, irreverent, farfetched story that begins with a one night stand between a hottie named Alison, played by “Gray’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl, and Ben, a quintessential LOSER, played convincingly by Seth Rogan.

The one night stand, as the title implies, becomes a drunken night of poor judgment that leads to an unplanned, unwanted, and disastrous pregnancy, aka, “knocked up.” Despite the fact that Alison, a smart, healthy, stable, intelligent, and career-mined hottie, and Ben, a goofy, sophomoric, directionless, ambitionless knucklehead, have NOTHING in common, they attempt an ill-conceived relationship to follow their ill-conceived conception.

Ben, along with his fellow underachieving roommates, gives us a lot of frat house humor, which is essentially middle-school-boy pornographic fantasies, foolishness, and stupidity. Alison’s married sister, Debbie, played by Leslie Mann, is a wife who’ll inspire single men everywhere to remain so!

“Knocked Up” is funny in parts, awkward in parts, poignant in parts, and downright stupid in parts. Not worth the night time ticket price, but not a bad choice for a matinee or rental. I give it two and a half disposable diapers out of five.

“Pirates” and “Oceans” are in the theater too. Loved ‘em both and would see both of them again. I give “Pirates” four and a half skull-n-crossbones. I mean, WHO doesn’t love pirate movies?! And “Oceans” gets four and a half fake noses (you’ll have to see the movie) out of five!

“Shrek” and “Hot Fuzz” are fun movies for different reasons. “Shrek III” is good, but not great. The other “Shreks” were better. “Hot Fuzz” is an action-comedy-thriller-cop-n-buddy-movie made by the same blokes from the UK who gave us “Shawn of the Dead,” the only comedy-zombie movie I like. Reuniting some of the same cast members from “Shawn,” “Hot Fuzz” is a tongue in cheek spoof of movies like “Bad Boyz” and “Point Break.” I actually liked it better than “Shrek.” So I give “Shrek III” two and a half donkeys out of five. “Hot Fuzz” gets three and a half peace lilies (again, you’ll have to see the movie) out of five!

That’s the movie review for now. In the queue are “Mr. Brooks” and “Waitress.” See you at the consession stand!

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Jun. 8th 2007

It’s race season!

No, not NASCAR.

I’m talking about running!

I’m talking about running 5K’s, 10K’s, triathlons, adventure races, bicycle races, and “what not.”

Never done one?

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Jun. 1st 2007

Check here to check your renewal date!

Theresa Andreuccetti, FIRST SERGEANT (7 YEARS): (First Enlistment: September 1999) (Enlistment status: One Year Tour of Duty, renewal date: January 1, 2008)

Ron Ayotte, GUNNERY SERGEANT (5 YEARS): (First Enlistment: October 2001) (Enlistment status: Three Month Enlistment, renewal date: July 1, 2007)

Hank Hill, GUNNERY SERGEANT (5 YEARS): (First Enlistment: January 14, 2002) (Enlistment status: SIX Month Enlistment, renewal date: July 1, 2007)

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