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Wednesday, May. 9th 2007 4:02 PM

Welcome back to Sergeant Major Mom, Ashley West!

After giving birth to her FORTH child just a few short weeks ago, she returned to BOOT CAMP this morning! For those of you new to this newsletter, Ashley continued to come to BOOT CAMP during her pregnancy … all the way up to the day before she DELIVERED!!

Ashley, you rock!

I had a great conversation with Kathryn Grissom yesterday. Kathryn, a 0530 BOOT CAMPER who is waging an incredible battle with breast cancer, is doing great! Her chemo therapy hasn’t slowed her down and she’s even hoping to return to BOOT CAMP this week for a little early morning fun!

Kathryn, YOU ROCK TOO!!

Kathryn attributed her remarkable response to the prayers of so many, including yours. Amen and amen, Kathryn.

Let me say something to you that I said to her.

First, a few thoughts about the doctrine of prayer.

It’s complex.

How’s that for brevity?

Thing is, thousands and thousands of books, monographs, doctoral studies, sermons, devotionals, and Bible studies have been devoted to the examination of prayer from every perspective, theological persuasion, and denominational system of belief. So my little paragraph here won’t add anything to the body of work that already exists on the subject.

That said, let me tell you what I suggested to Kathryn.

We have all known people for whom prayers were offered, who have not responded like Kathryn has.

What’s the difference? Why has Kathryn responded so well and others have not?

Go read the books. I don’t have the answer.

But here’s something to ponder.

Kathryn has led a low risk, healthy lifestyle, marked by sensibly good eating habits and a lifetime of exercise. She’s also got a wonderfully positive, positive, positive attitude, with an infectious optimism and faith.

How many times have we been asked to pray for someone suffering the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle marked by addictions, overeating, immoderate drinking, smoking, drug use, and physical laziness and neglect?

“Pray without ceasing,” the Apostle Paul wrote to the believers at Thessolonica. And he also told the church at Corinth that “the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.”

I will not pretend to know the secret counsel of God’s will. (I don’t think He’s waiting for me to tell Him what to do before He does it.) But the message is clear and indisputable, we are to pray AND we are to take care of our bodies. It’s not an “either / or” proposition. It’s a BOTH / AND proposition.

Last week I urged you to be balanced in your approach to fitness. This week let me urge you to be balanced in your spiritual devotions and circumspections. Pray without ceasing AND take care of your body! In Sergeant Tony speak, “Pray … then drop and give me 20!”


Wanna do a tri??
There are at least two short distance triathlons near by that would be a great first race for newbie triathletes. One is the Mighty Mite Triathlon (1/3 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3 mile run) on July 14 at Forrest City, Arkansas. And the other is the CATS Triathlon (500 yard swim, 14 mile bike, 3 mile run) on September 16. I’ll put together a training team for one or both events. We’ll have a no obligation information / Q&A meeting on Saturday morning, May 12 @ 9 AM at Fleet Feet Sports.


The 0830 class will NOT disappear for the summer!! You have spoken, and I have listened! The class will continue … at least for JUNE!!


The 0645, 0830, and 5:45 PM classes follow a Monday/Wednesday/Friday “WEIGHT DAY,” and Tu/Thu “CARDIO DAY” workout schedule.


Our very own Gary “The Man” Thompson, VP with Boyle Investments, and a member of the board of directors of the Memphis Area Home Builders Association, invites us all to the Spring Vesta Home Show. The 2007 Spring Vesta Home Show is being held from now until May 13 at Spring Creek Ranch on Raleigh-LaGrange Road just east of Collierville. If you’d like more info, contact Gary.


You can bring a friend (or enemy) to BOOT CAMP for a free “try it out and see if it kills me” class. Bring ’em on a weight day and let them experience the fun of shared misery! One day for free!


Add your 10 favorite running tunes to the ongoing list on the website blog by clicking on the comments and adding your own list! You can also check to see what other Boot Campers are jamming out to when they run!



If you’re a “Reunion Challenger,” don’t forget to weigh in with me on Friday!


“The body and the soul are one … and regrettable is any term suggestive of divorce between them.”
~ John Galsworthy

To your continued good health and fitness!!

Sergeant Tony

Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding

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