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Friday, May. 4th 2007 10:32 AM

Are you in trouble?

Some of you reading this are.



For some of you reading this, it’s been weeks … months … or even worse, since your last workout.

Remember how great you felt back “in the day?”

Remember how fit you looked?

Remember how your friends and family complimented you?

Remember fitting into your skinny jeans?

It was great, wasn’t it?

You felt great, you looked great, you had more energy and the quality of your life was at it’s best!

But then … gradually … almost imperceptibly, you missed a workout here and a run there, you didn’t make it up, it rained, it got cold … a week went by and no exercise … then two weeks went by … and with everyday that you didn’t workout, it was easier to miss the next workout … until … you’d gradually started back sliding into Turdeville.

What’s happened to your body since then?

ewww … you don’t really want to know … it ain’t pretty … and it ain’t good:

— fat accumulation
— loss of stamina
— energy levels drop
— muscle atrophy
— sluggish metabolism
— feelings of mental dullness and negativity
— less “hot” and more frumpy

And here we are, May 4 … on the threshold of swimsuits, tanks, and shorts.

What are you going to do?

And to make matters worse, you got dumber too!


This is according to the article, “Exercise and the Brain” in the March 26 issue of Newsweek.

All very sad, isn’t it?

And then there are others of you who ARE exercising, but you’re out of balance.
You’ve either quit doing any cardio (I call it the “I’ll do it on my own” syndrome) or you’re ONLY doing cardio. And then others are ONLY doing weights.

Out of balance.

The three components of fitness are:
1) muscle strength
2) cardio respiratory fitness/stamina
3) flexibility

There should be a balanced approach to your fitness.

The only exception is in the case of an injury. Sometimes you have to make adjustments to work around an injury. But if you’re not injured, then you should be striking a balance.

The Marine Corps’ approach to physical fitness is balanced and designed to address all three components. The Marine Corps’ approach is also the guiding philosophy of USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP. Ours is a practical fitness, a fitness that makes sense, a fitness that has real life applications. The Marine Corps doesn’t care if Marines look hot in their swim suits. They want Marine’s who are fit to fight and to be victorious!

Thing is … fit to fight Marines usually DO look pretty good in their swim suits!

The recruits at REAL Marine Corps boot camp graduate after three months of the most intense and demanding recruit training in the world. They’re warriors, fit to fight, lean and mean! Their workouts AND their diets have been regimented for maximum effectiveness.

I can give you the very same exercises used in the Marine Corps; I can bark at you if you slack. And you’ll get fit if you work hard.

But if you overeat, if you eat foolishly, if you drink immoderately, if you ignore what you KNOW to do and behave like a kid in a candy store, then you won’t be a lean mean fighting machine. You might be chunky, hefty, portly. You might be fit but fat, or even obese. (Want a quick check to see if you’re obese? Here’s Sergeant Tony’s quick check for being a slug and needing to do something QUICK: take your waist in inches and double it, then compare that with your height in inches. If your doubled waist in inches is more than your height in inches, you need to get busy! So if your waist size is 36 inches — 36 x 2=72 inches — and you’re 5’6″ — 66 inches tall — you’re in TROUBLE!

got exercise?

It’s never too late to get back on track!

Before the summer demands that you wear shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops, you should get yourself to BOOT CAMP … and while you’re at it, push away from the feedbag.


The 0830 class will disappear for the summer starting in June, UNLESS there is a demand for the class. If you would be at LEAST a “C” boot camper (coming 3 times in a week) at the 0830 class in June, let me know ASAP! If the demand is there, we’ll continue the class in the summer.


The 0645, 0830, and 5:45 PM classes follow a Monday/Wednesday/Friday “WEIGHT DAY,” and Tu/Thu “CARDIO DAY” workout schedule.


Hal Mabray, co-owner of The Peddler Bike Shop, cordially extends a DI$COUNT to all active duty Boot Campers! You can get bikes, accessories, and gear at The Peddler for a really nice discount! (Thanks, Hal!) If you’re thinking about doing your first triathlon this summer and you need a bike, go see Hal at The Peddler on Highland, near the U of M! In addition to new bikes, Hal has a number of very very reasonably priced “formerly owned” bikes for sale too! Hal offers custom and precise fitting too.


Our very own Gary “The Man” Thompson, VP with Boyle Investments, and a member of the board of directors of the Memphis Area Home Builders Association, invites us all to the Spring Vesta Home Show. The 2007 Spring Vesta Home Show is being held from now until May 13 at Spring Creek Ranch on Raleigh-LaGrange Road just east of Collierville. If you’d like more info, contact Gary.


You can bring a friend (or enemy) to BOOT CAMP for a free “try it out and see if it kills me” class. Bring ’em on a weight day and let them experience the fun of shared misery! One day for free!


The Boot Camper who brought the most number of visitors during the month of April was John Winford. Well done John!


Congratulations to everyone who made the trip to Nashville for last Saturday’s 2007 Music City Half Marathon and Full Marathon! Lisa Park ran the whole marathon! Way to go Lisa! Half Marathoners included David & Margaret Caffey, Wendy Greenlaw, Hank Hill, Hank Brown, Andrew Forsdick, Paul & Jamie Reed, Leslie Coleman, Lucia Patteson, Jo Anne Clark, Kirk Johnston, McNeal McDonnell, and Morgan Zanone. Well done guys! You were awesome!


Wanna do a triathlon??
There are at least two short distance triathlons near by that would be a great first race for newbie triathletes. One is the Mighty Mite Triathlon (1/3 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3 mile run) on July 14 at Forrest City, Arkansas. And the other is the CATS Triathlon (500 yard swim, 14 mile bike, 3 mile run) on September 16. I’ll put together a training team for one or both events. We’ll have a no obligation information / Q&A meeting on Saturday morning, May 12 @ 9 AM at Fleet Feet Sports.


Add your 10 favorite running tunes to the ongoing list on the website blog by clicking on the comments and adding your own list! You can also check to see what other Boot Campers are jamming out to when they run!


If you’re a “Reunion Challenger,” don’t forget to weigh in with me on Friday!


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
~ Gandhi

To your continued good health and fitness!!

Sergeant Tony

Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding

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