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May. 31st 2007

The Memorial Day Workout on Monday was the best attended of any holiday workout in BOOT CAMP history! Thanks everyone! (Where were you when I needed you Rick D?) Lots of Boot Kids came too! (Boot Camper’s kids!) That was awesome!

And more of you joined me for breakfast than on any other previous holiday!! Thirty-two of you freeloaders had breakfast on me!

Thanks to everyone who came!

Before the workout we gathered around the flagpole to say the Pledge of Allegiance and to pause to reflect about the meaning of the day, I read a moving and beautiful letter written by Sullivan Ballou on July 14, 1861.

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May. 25th 2007

I am so glad to know that I have touched you and your mission to get people out there and back in shape. You would be interested to know that five people came up to me during the race weekend to tell me that the only reason they were off their ass and there at the FL 70.3 was because of me and seeing the Kona coverage. I appreciate your kind words.
Never let them quit. I am truly touched.

David M. Rozelle
Administrative Officer
Amputee Care Center

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From: Rob Steiner (Personal) []
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 5:30 PM
To: Peter Barnes
Subject: Fw: CAF

Hey there. For what its worth, I wanted to pass this along to you. This guy, Tony, a former Marine DI, runs a bootcamp in Memphis, one of the fattest cities on the planet. One of his first “clients” was my late father, James, our sons namesake. At that time he had 4 paying members, today the number is around 204. Anyway, I digress. Tony is the real deal. In all aspects. If you could pass this along to Maj. Rozelle, with any/no editorial comment, I would appreciate it. Not just a pat on the back from a fan, this is a guy/group Maj. Rozelle could not only spread his “word” but mobilize for his greater efforts.

Sorry to bother, but at the end of the day, these are the folks that matter.

Rob Steiner (son of our own Jim Steiner)

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May. 24th 2007

Do you know David Rozelle?

It’s possible that you don’t. I mean, he doesn’t live here in Memphis and he’s never been on “American Idol,” “Survivor,” or “Dancing with the Stars.” But he HAS been on TV.

I met David this past weekend when I competed in the Ford Florida Half Ironman in Orlando. David was competing too. But I knew about him before I met him. I’d seen him on TV last year finishing the Hawaii Ironman. No, he didn’t win. He didn’t place. But he DID finish.

He’s not famous in the Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie sense of celebrity. But I’d rather know him than either of them.

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MY FIRST TRIATHLON — Life Lessons Learned

May. 18th 2007

Here on the eve of my first Half Ironman Triathlon, I thought I’d repost the story of my first triathlon. Enjoy!

Remember the last time you learned a “life lesson?”

When we were kids we learned those life lessons everyday. You know the ones I mean, “dirt … bad, ice cream … good,” “cute little dogs will bite,” “cats don’t fetch,” “kissing dogs good, kissing girls better.”

At 24, I ran my first triathlon. I was a rather studly Marine type guy and thought the swim, bike, run thing would be fun. I thought that I’d sort of accumulated most of all the “life lesson” thingies already.

I was wrong.

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May. 16th 2007

I feel really really sorry for this generation of kids.

I also envy them.

I envy them because they can carry their music with them all the time. MP3 players rock! Back in the day … well … there weren’t any MP3 players and our music was imprisoned and bolted inside our cars; stuck on our bedroom stereos.

Maybe we valued our music more because we could only listen to it on a limited basis. Music today is easily acquired, transported, replaced, and disposed of. I wonder if kids today value their music the same as we did when we only had our Victrola?

But how cool is it to have your music with you everywhere!? It’s waaay cool, isn’t it?!

On the other hand, I feel sorry for the kids today who don’t have much music to listen to that makes a difference. It must be terrible to live in a generation that lacks music that matters. I mean, “My Humps,” “Candy Shop,” and “Act a Fool” hardly seem like classics that’ll still be playing 30 years from now. And it certainly doesn’t take a degree in poetry, linguistics, or literary analysis to figure out what “My Humps” is all about. It ain’t no “American Pie.” By the way, if you haven’t seen Alanis Morissette’s parody of “My Humps” on U-Tube you’ve missed some fine comedy! But watch the Black Eyed Peas ridiculous original first. “Check it out!”

But I digress.

Here’s what’s on my mind. It’s hard for me to explain to my youngest son, Nathan, what growing up was like before MP3 players and laptops. He just can’t know what he doesn’t know. Ya know?

When I talk to people who have never been active, never been athletic, never been involved in sports, about the way you feel when you’re in good health and in good shape, they look at me like Nathan does when I tell him about life before the Internet. I seldom get people who’ve never been active to join USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP. They don’t know what they’re missing.

BUT, when I talk to people who used to be athletic, who used to be active, who used to play sports, the connection is easy. They KNOW what they’re missing. They KNOW what they don’t have anymore. And here’s the beauty of it, in the majority of cases, they can have it back!!

Are you one of those? Are you a “they?” Are you a “back in the day” fitness person? Have you neglected the very thing that will add quality and years to your life?

For the small price of self discipline and effort, you can reclaim those things that made life “back in the day” so much fun, so enjoyable, so full of hope! When people are deprived of their health and fitness, hope is usually one of the casualties.

Would you like to know what it’s like to be healthy and fit? Would you like to rediscover the joys of a fit and healthy lifestyle?

Join us!

Forward this newsletter to someone who needs to get out of Turdeville!


Wanna do a tri??
There are at least two short distance triathlons near by that would be a great first race for newbie triathletes. One is the Mighty Mite Triathlon (1/3 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3 mile run) on July 14 at Forrest City, Arkansas. And the other is the CATS Triathlon (500 yard swim, 14 mile bike, 3 mile run) on September 16. I’ll put together a training team for one or both events.

Cost for the training is $180 for the summer training, or $75 per event.

If you’d like to become a triathlete, email me! We’ll begin training on Saturday morning, June 2.


Good luck to those BOOT CAMPERS doing the Memphis in May Triathlon this weekend! I want a full and detailed debrief! If you’re running it, email me and let me know!


The 0830 class will NOT disappear for the summer!! You have spoken, and I have listened! The class will continue … at least for JUNE!!


The 0645, 0830, and 5:45 PM classes follow a Monday/Wednesday/Friday “WEIGHT DAY,” and Tu/Thu “CARDIO DAY” workout schedule.


You can bring a friend (or enemy) to BOOT CAMP for a free “try it out and see if it kills me” class. Bring ’em on a weight day and let them experience the fun of shared misery! One day for free!


Add your 10 favorite running tunes to the ongoing list on the website blog by clicking on the comments and adding your own list! You can also check to see what other Boot Campers are jamming out to when they run!


I’ll be in Orlando this weekend to run in the Ford Half Ironman Triathlon. But you will hardly know that I’m gone. I’ve got awesome assistants, Richard Bourland, Anne Emmerth, Kevin Jenks, Teri Trotter, and Jenny Morris (Thanks guys!), to cover the classes that I’ll miss on Friday afternoon and on Monday, so don’t slack! Get your booties to BOOT CAMP!


“Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own, sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction.”
~ William James

To your continued good health and fitness!!

Sergeant Tony

Sergeant Major Tony Ludlow
USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP, Commanding

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May. 9th 2007

Welcome back to Sergeant Major Mom, Ashley West!

After giving birth to her FORTH child just a few short weeks ago, she returned to BOOT CAMP this morning! For those of you new to this newsletter, Ashley continued to come to BOOT CAMP during her pregnancy … all the way up to the day before she DELIVERED!!

Ashley, you rock!

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WAIST IN INCHES X 2 — Weekly Newsletter

May. 4th 2007

Are you in trouble?

Some of you reading this are.



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May. 1st 2007

Occasionally I attend a movie that is so bad that it makes the petroleum product sold at the snack bar — nacho cheese sauce — look tasty. I thought that “Grindhouse” or “Glitter” would never be eclipsed in the area of worst movies ever made.

I was wrong.

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