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Wednesday, Apr. 25th 2007 2:28 PM

For the first time in US history, we’ve got a national security crisis that comes from within our own borders. The threat has nothing to do with illegal immigration or Muslim extremists. The Founding Fathers couldn’t have possibly looked down the tunnel of time and seen this danger.

The threat is such that Homeland Security is powerless to stop it.

The danger is so real that our Department of Defense is also unable to stem the growing menace.

You should be alarmed.

I know that I am.

What’s the threat?

For the first time in US history the percentage of young men and women of military service age are being turned away for service because they are too fat and out of shape. As the war in Iraq continues to become more unpopular, military recruiters face a growing problem trying to find young men and women willing to enlist. But to make matters worse, recruiters are having a harder time now making recruiting quotas because the young men and women who seem interested in military service are all too often too fat to pass the minimal physical requirements for induction.

All of this is starting to put our military readiness at risk. The Department of Defense is about to sound the national alarm because of this growing problem.

What can we do? We can only encourage our young men and women to exercise and eat right. We can model better behavior ourselves by eating right and exercising.
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