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Nike + iPod — “Pick up the pace, maggot!”

Tuesday, Apr. 24th 2007 8:09 PM

Nike + iPod Review

Since I confessed my affinity for iPods and running, several of you have asked me about the Nike + iPod system.

If you’re not familiar with this system, it consists of a small sensor and a tiny receiver. The sensor fits inside a special slot in Nike shoes, or can be attached to any shoe with a small third party pocket that fits on your shoe. The receiver plugs into your iPod Nano. It’s completely wireless.

The instruction book is easy to understand and set up was simple. The system tracks your elapsed time, current pace, distance, total time, and average pace by way of a sophisticated pedometer, the sensor.

Out of the box it’s supposed to be accurate, but in my case I found it was very inaccurate. Fortunately there’s a calibration procedure that allows the user to adjust the system to your particular running style and gait. After calibrating it, which wasn’t hard to do, I found that the system became very acceptably accurate.

What do you get with all of this? While listening to your music you can press the center button and a voice, either female or male, will tell you how you’re doing: current pace, elapsed time, and distance. Your iPod Nano will also display that information as well.

Is it worth it?

For only $30 you can turn your iPod Nano into a pretty cool training device. I think that’s thirty dollars well spent. You can buy the Nike + iPod system at Fleet Feet Sports.
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