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Why Cold Weather Workouts?

Tuesday, Feb. 13th 2007 2:36 PM

Cold Weather Workouts?

Q. Tony, why must we work out outside? You’d make more money and you’d have more recruits and you’d make more money and you’d have more recruits (see a theme?) if we worked out inside! So …how ’bout it?

A. Here are the five benefits of cold weather workouts!
1. Strengthens the immune system!
2. Naturally increases the body’s production of saratonin, a natural calming chemical in your body.
3. Increased calorie burn!
4. Runny noses keep the cooties from taking up residence and making you sick.
5. Bragging rights! You get to tell your sissy “indoor” friends how tough you are!
* If I moved us inside, my Marine Corps buddies, including my Marine Corps son, would abuse me, harass me, and laugh at me. Plus, in shame, I’d have to remove the “USMC” from our name!

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