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$2650 STOLEN! READ IMMEDIATELY! — Weekly Newsletter

Feb. 28th 2007

When money came up missing, I launched a full scale investigation.

After careful inspection and analysis, it was determined that $2650.00 was stolen from ME!!!

That’s right!


Thing is … I know who did it.

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MAKE A FACE! — A Fitness Tip

Feb. 20th 2007

Did you know that you can look younger without having a facelift? One of the things that help to keep us young looking is simple to do. Just make a face!

When you grimace while exercising, you bring rejuvenating blood through your face. You increase circulation. You tighten the muscles in your face and that works against the “hound dog” look. All of these things work toward keeping your face healthy looking.

Exercise isn’t just for your arms, legs, and shoulders. It’s also about your FACE!

But here’s the deal: You’ll have to use heavier weights. It’s time to move up!

– 30 –

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Feb. 19th 2007

My love for movies took me to see three of ’em this weekend: “Music & Lyrics” and “Ghost Rider” were two of ’em.

According to the box office, Nathan and I weren’t the only ones to see “Ghost Rider.” It was the big winner at the box office this weekend. That won’t happen next weekend because the word will get out. Word like THIS word: “Ghost Rider” is stupid and awful. On the other hand, “Music & Lyrics,” a chick-type-flick, was much better than “GR.” It was predictable but cute, funny and enjoyable.

But the real winner was “Letters From Iwo Jima.” Ken Watanabe turns in another awesome performance as the doomed Japanese commander of the Japanese forces on Iwo Jima in WW II. The story is Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of the battle of Iwo Jima (“Flags of Our Fathers”) from the Japanese perspective. Spoken Japanese with English subtitles. I recommend it!
– 30 –

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Feb. 16th 2007

Sending Troops to Iraq

I’ve always used humor to cope. Being serious all the time is overrated. I like to laugh and I love making others laugh. Most things are either comedy or tragedy, just depends on whom you ask. How we process the world and assign comedy or tragedy depends on our perspectives, perceptions, filters, frames, expectations, and experiences. Those things can, and usually do, change over time, altering our views and opinions.

I get asked all the time about Iraq. Not too much funny about Iraq, I have to admit.

I guess because of my Marine Corps experience and my family’s involvement in Iraq, people are interested in my opinion, especially as it pertains to the President’s recent call for a “surge” in troops. As you may know, both my son Matthew and my nephew Jeff, both Iraq veterans (Jeff is in Iraq on his second tour as I write this), have talked a lot to me about the mess there.

I don’t know anything more about a solution in Iraq than the inmates of the asylum in Washington have put forward.

But here’s what I think about Mr. Bush’s surge, and this is no joke.

I suggest that George W. and Laura’s twin daughters join the Army or Marine Corps and be added to the “surge” ASAP. If Mr. Bush and the others who support the surge would put their own children in uniform, I’ll take a second look at the surge.

For an interesting research project, check to see how many of our elected officials in Washington have a son or daughter or close relative in uniform … in Iraq or Afghanistan (the other war we aren’t winning). Newly elected Senator James Webb, a graduate of the Naval Academy, winner of the Navy Cross (second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor) as a Marine platoon commander in Vietnam, former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan (the youngest Secretary of the Navy in US history), and a prolific author, has a son in the Marine Corps … in Iraq.

I’ll listen to Mr. Webb on this issue. And when I see the Bush twins in uniform, I’ll listen to their dad. All other politicians will either need to ante up or shut up.

– 30 –

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Inclement Weather Policy

Feb. 14th 2007

Inclement Weather Policy … UPDATED!
I’ve revised the inclement weather policy. It’s still a simple one: “If EITHER the Memphis City Schools OR the Shelby County Schools close due to weather, we will NOT MEET! If you’re an evening Boot Camper and you’re not sure because the weather clears during the day, call or email me.” FYI: Channel 3 has the best school closing “ticker.”

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Why Cold Weather Workouts?

Feb. 13th 2007

Cold Weather Workouts?

Q. Tony, why must we work out outside? You’d make more money and you’d have more recruits and you’d make more money and you’d have more recruits (see a theme?) if we worked out inside! So …how ’bout it?

A. Here are the five benefits of cold weather workouts!

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Sergeant Tony Named Dannielynn’s Father

Feb. 12th 2007

Just when you thought the whole Anna Nicole thing couldn’t get any stranger, the potential daddies continue to pop up EVERYWHERE. So, with so much money at stake, maybe Sergeant Tony had something to do with Dannielynn’s paternity.

It could happen!!!

I joke, but it truly IS a sad sad story for everyone … except maybe astronaut Lisa Nowak. Captain Lisa is glad to get bumped off the front page.

Movie Reviews From the Weekend

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Na na naaaaaaaaahh na … HEY, HEY, HEY … — Weekly Newsletter

Feb. 10th 2007

Na na naaaaahhhh nah … HEY, HEY, HEY … GOOOOOD BYE! (Non basketball fans can scroll down past this story)

The other team’s crowd, the home team, had started that chant (“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” by Steam) with 1 minute 17 seconds to play in their gym.

We were 12 points behind and 77 seconds away from a humiliating defeat..

Coach called time out.

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NASA Astronaut Kidnaps Sergent Tony

Feb. 7th 2007

Who was it that said, “truth is stranger than fiction”?

Whoever said it first must have had the NASA astronaut and the love triangle story in mind. Surely by now you’ve heard this bizarre story. If not, just Google it and you’ll have LOTS of stories to read.

I’ll tell you what got my attention AND sort of skeeved me out at the same time.

The first was her determination. That got my attention!

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