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Tangled Up in Blue — Sgt. Tony Ludlow blog post for June 6, 2018

Posted on Wednesday, Jun. 6th 2018 8:06 PM| by Tony Ludlow

He sat alone on the back row of the large crowded church where he was not welcome, attending a wedding he was not invited to but had paid for, watching another man walk his daughter down the aisle. Standing at the checkout, she looked much older than her age, tired, worn out, and rough, with […]

Death By Small Group — Tony Ludlow, May 17, 2018

Posted on Thursday, May. 17th 2018 1:33 PM| by Tony Ludlow

Do you remember your best day at school? I do. It didn’t have anything to do with exams or social intrigue. No extra-curricular activities or special events. In fact, though I loved school, or rather, I loved being at school, but not always loving the subjects, it wasn’t until my junior year in college that […]

‘Tis But a Scratch — Sgt. Tony Ludlow, blog post for 5/10/2018

Posted on Thursday, May. 10th 2018 9:26 PM| by Tony Ludlow

Two of my favorite movie swordsmen are complete opposites. The Black Knight is an unyielding buffoon from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and Ujio is a dedicated warrior from “The Last Samurai.” The Black Knight is totally comedic. Ujio (eew-gee-oh) a samurai, is quite the opposite. Two opposites. Two awesome guys! If you’re not […]

Taylor Swift is Right! — Tony Ludlow, blog post for 4/27/2018

Posted on Friday, Apr. 27th 2018 11:55 AM| by Tony Ludlow

A couple of years ago I was the guest speaker at Memphis University School’s weekly assembly. I had no formal connection to the school. I was never a student there, nor faculty member. But I knew the Head Master and the Academic Dean and both saw fit to invite me to ramble and babble before […]

Cosmic Tumblers — Tony Ludlow, 4/18/2018

Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 18th 2018 7:34 PM| by Tony Ludlow

The first book that I ever read was a book about running. Well, maybe not technically. But the very first sentence I ever read was about running. “See Tom run.” That was the first sentence I ever read in my life. Running — pure running that wasn’t associated with some sport I was playing — […]

A Perfect 10 — Tony Ludlow, blog post for 4/11/2018

Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 11th 2018 3:10 PM| by Tony Ludlow

After reading a recent essay I wrote, a friend of many years said, “Tony, I think I’ve heard most of your stories, (he hasn’t … I haven’t even told half my stories!) but I don’t think I’d ever heard that one.” By most accounts, some of you have heard this particular story. In fact, several […]

But I just looked around … and he’s gone.

Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 4th 2018 3:19 PM| by Tony Ludlow

My grandfather—my “Big Dad”—taught me things that would have equipped me for his world, his generation. But didn’t really help me much for the one I would be in. Much of what he taught me disappeared in polite society along him: • Hats worn with suits, • Walking on the outside, closest to the street, […]

We’re Up All Night to Get Lucky! — Tony Ludlow, 3/28/2018

Posted on Wednesday, Mar. 28th 2018 10:19 AM| by Tony Ludlow

You probably don’t know Kathy Warren. You might know someone “named” Kathy Warren, because, according to Facebook, there are a ton of Kathy Warrens out there. But I’m pretty sure the one I’m talking about isn’t the one you might know. But I bet every one of you have heard the voice of Kathy Warren. […]

Zuuto Tomodachi — Tony Ludlow, 3/22/2018

Posted on Thursday, Mar. 22nd 2018 2:39 PM| by Tony Ludlow

You have to try hard to avoid seeing published articles—almost daily—explaining the far-reaching benefits of exercise. Benefits that go beyond the physical! Toward that end … APRIL IS BRING A FRIEND TO BOOT CAMP MONTH! In honor of my friend, Tom Farrar, who passed away at the tender age of 54. Tom was my accountant […]

QQ < 0.0

Posted on Thursday, Mar. 15th 2018 4:15 AM| by Tony Ludlow

Professor Stephen Hawking, PhD, has died at the age of 76. If you missed “A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes,” published in 1988, you might have been exposed to Dr. Hawking through his “appearances” on “The Simpsons” or “Futurama,” or his real appearances on “The Big Bang Theory.” And […]

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