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Passion and Fire! — Sgt. Tony Ludlow’s blog post for 2/22/2018

Posted on Thursday, Feb. 22nd 2018 8:52 AM| by Tony Ludlow

I’m an Olympian. As many of you know. Well … not really … but sort of. I was at the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway for the 2 weeks of the 1994 Games. (Translation: I was in Norway freezing my booty off!!) And at the Nagano Games in Japan in 1998. No, I wasn’t competing […]

Angels! — Sgt. Tony Ludlow’s blog post for 2/15/2018

Posted on Thursday, Feb. 15th 2018 1:48 PM| by Tony Ludlow

It’s a little misleading. The 1994 Winter Games were in Lillehammer, Norway, but really they were sort of all over a 75 mile radius of Lillehammer. Kind of like events at a “Memphis Olympics” being held in Dyersburg and Tupelo. The Korea Games haven’t been in PyeongChang only, but also at nearby mountains and other […]

A Disappearing Act! — Sgt. Tony Ludow’s blog post for 2/7/2018

Posted on Wednesday, Feb. 7th 2018 3:50 PM| by Tony Ludlow

It leaves little by little, almost imperceptibly, like the guys at the end of “Ocean’s 11” leaving the water fountain in front of the Bellagio Hotel. Fitness disappears. It slips away like the movements of a minute hand on a clock. You know the hand is moving, you just don’t see it. But in no […]

The Journey of a Thousand Miles — Sgt. Tony Ludlow’s post for 2/3/2018

Posted on Saturday, Feb. 3rd 2018 2:31 PM| by Tony Ludlow

“What’s on your bucket-list?” That’s a common question, isn’t it? Sometimes you see this question on an online dating profile. A buddy of mine, a fellow outdoorsman, said that he was hopeful when he read a lady’s profile and it said that she liked to camp. On their first, and only, date, he asked her […]

Two Hundred and Forty-two Years!

Posted on Friday, Nov. 10th 2017 10:24 AM| by Tony Ludlow

His statement hung in the air for what seemed like a very very long time. It was the most profound challenge I’d been given and my response to it changed the course of my life. “Your country has provided you with 18 years of freedom, opportunity, security, and happiness … now it’s time to give […]

Gibbs is Wrong — Sgt. Tony’s blog post for 9/21/2017

Posted on Thursday, Sep. 21st 2017 3:16 PM| by Tony Ludlow

Like cat videos, tattoo fails are all over social media. Misspelled words, horrible “portraits” that bear no resemblance to the actual person are comical. Then there are the tattoos of random words, goofy inspirational phrases (some with conflicting ideologies), and all those barbed wire and tribal decorations. My favorites might be the ones with unreadable […]

Protected: Buffalo Runners 2017 Half Marathon Training Guide

Posted on Saturday, Sep. 2nd 2017 3:07 PM| by Tony Ludlow

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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What is the name? — Sgt. Tony Ludlow’s blog for 9/2/2017

Posted on Saturday, Sep. 2nd 2017 12:41 PM| by Tony Ludlow

A few years ago, I was the speaker at Memphis University School’s weekly assembly. I am not an alum of MUS. I was asked to speak because I come cheap. Or something like that. Maybe because I am the father of three grown adults? Maybe because I was a high school coach? Maybe because I […]

The Goodbye Girl — Sgt. Tony’s blog post for 8/23/2017

Posted on Wednesday, Aug. 23rd 2017 3:44 PM| by Tony Ludlow

She regularly left fruit at my apartment door. She never knocked or rang my doorbell. She just left the little bag and disappeared. For a long time, I didn’t even know it was a “she” leaving the fruit. I had no idea who was doing it, nor why. It wasn’t until I inadvertently caught her […]

One Good Egg — 8/10/2017

Posted on Thursday, Aug. 10th 2017 3:10 PM| by Tony Ludlow

In the spring of my senior year of high school I lied to my mother and said I was camping with some buddies in the Ozark National Forest. What I actually did was drive two hours to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend my first concert. I knew mom would say “no” if I asked, so I […]

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