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Do You Know Joe?

Posted on Saturday, May. 20th 2017 11:18 AM| by Tony Ludlow

Let’s make some money! We’ll have to be a little unethical, white lies mostly, maybe a little slight of hand. It won’t hurt anyone. Not really. In fact, it might actually be kind of good for them. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll develop a nutritional supplement. Maybe a pill or a drink or something to […]

The Fitness World Is Setting You Up For Failure — 4/26/2017

Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 26th 2017 11:52 AM| by Tony Ludlow

Do you struggle with not feeling good about your body, your progress, and your results in the gym? Chances are you’re looking at the wrong goals, and because of this you are constantly feeling unaccomplished, which leads to feelings of failure and never getting to where you want to be, it becomes extremely challenging to […]

“Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon Rind …”

Posted on Saturday, Apr. 22nd 2017 3:11 PM| by Tony Ludlow

My professor asked the class last night about scoreboards. “How do you keep score in your life, in your profession, in your organization? How do you know if you’re winning? How do you define ‘winning’?” Who can forget Charlie Sheen’s crazy video rants from a few years ago? “WINNING!” became a catchword for a while, […]

Going Native! — Sgt. Tony Ludlow’s blog post for 4/19/2017

Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 19th 2017 11:06 AM| by Tony Ludlow

It turns out that I’m bi. Who knew? I took some graduate level cultural anthropology classes when I lived in Richmond, Virginia just before I moved to Japan. The University of Richmond professor challenged us to think about the process of cultural expression, culture shock, cultural differences, cross-cultural exchange, cultural conflict, cultural acquisition, and ultimately […]


Posted on Saturday, Apr. 1st 2017 5:07 PM| by Tony Ludlow

Goooooood Saturday Evening, Everybody!! I hope you’ve been able to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather! Isn’t it awesome?! I wanted to share a part of an email I just sent a lady who joined us in February, only to have to drop out after a couple of days because of a serious […]


Posted on Sunday, Feb. 5th 2017 7:18 PM| by Tony Ludlow

It’s half-time of the Super Bowl and a good time to remind you that we’ll be working off the wings, the pizza, the Rotel dip, the pigs-in-a-blanket, and Moon Pies tomorrow on the Quarterdeck! This week is a NO WEIGHTS WEEK on the Quarterdeck. You won’t need any dumbbells this week. All of our exercises […]

Monday, January 16, 2017

Posted on Sunday, Jan. 15th 2017 7:26 PM| by Tony Ludlow

Tomorrow, Dr. King’s celebration day, all classes meet! That’s me doing something for you! You’re welcome! See you on The Quarterdeck!

SNOW DAY! 1/6/2017

Posted on Friday, Jan. 6th 2017 5:13 AM| by Tony Ludlow

Memphis city schools (Shelby Co.) have just now closed. We will be standing down today. My apologies if you’ve already left your house. So very sorry. Y’all be safe out there!

What is your why? 1/4/2017

Posted on Wednesday, Jan. 4th 2017 1:02 PM| by Tony Ludlow

We had a GREAT morning today to start 2017! Thanks, everyone! If you read my recent post about Relevance, Significance, and Purpose, you might be interested in another word that I’ve written in my journal lately: Intention. More specifically: being intentional. This new year will see a shake up and a new approach to some […]


Posted on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd 2017 5:14 PM| by Tony Ludlow

I’m reading another biography about Benjamin Franklin. History nerd behavior. Franklin moved in and out of a vast and diverse circle of friends and acquaintances with ease. He was comfortable with the tradesmen of his day, and equally at home in the audiences of Kings and Queens. Franklin was a scholar among scholars, a scientist […]

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